By Keith Argyle and Paul G White and Paul G White
The deposed Empress of all the Earth, Prua Landi has been exiled, along with her acolyte, Praeton to Mars 300 million years in the past, when deep oceans covered much of the planetary surface. Perlana accidentally discovers that Prua Landi is her real mother, and persuades her best friend, Jo-na Laing to help her steal a timeship so that she can see her mother ‘in the flesh’, rather than in the ‘Histories’. It is only when the two youngsters are captured by Prua Landi and Praeton, that Perlana comes to realise that the ‘Histories’ have understated her mother’s penchant for evil; and when The former empress forces them to embark upon a mission to Earth to raise an army, Jo-na and Perlana must do everything in their power to delay her to enable Jo-na’s father to mount a rescue attempt.
ISBN: 9781781764985
Type: Paperback
Pages: 294
Published: 30 June 2012
Price: $12.95