The Arab Season

Secrecy is their byword, family honour, their cross to bear. If you were a Muslim girl wanting to keep family honour, but loving Western ways, how would you play it? With one foot in each culture, Hani thought she and her friends knew how. They enjoyed what they shouldn’t. They paid a price. One of them paid with her life. Zuleka’s father, an Imam, keeps his household of girls under strict rule. All have to wear the hijab with abaya or other forms of loose fitting, modest clothing. To him, Zuleka is the epitome of a dutiful daughter. She dreads him discovering her other life. Hamdi has the most freedom, abandoned by her mother and discounted by her father; she’s loose cannon with attitude. Ayan manages her life well, respecting her faith and culture, whilst enjoying some light relief. And, Hani? She can trick her hypochondriac mother, but her radical brother poses her problems. They enjoy life, but are on a crash course to disaster!
ISBN: 9781908603111
Type: Paperback
Pages: 296
Published: 22 November 2011
Price: $14.50