The Call of the Thunder Dragon

Falstaff the Incorrigible, mercenary pilot, and scoundrel with an evil temper. It is the eve of War in Europe, but Falstaff has unfinished business with a princess, the Japanese Army and loot still to find in the east. His eye for the ladies and the chance for a quick buck have got him trouble again. Falstaff undertakes a remarkable mission to Bhutan. Hoping to set a record, or find gold and loot. Instead, he discovers to what extremes the Japanese will go to catch him. Set in Asia in 1940. Falstaff Wild is an English pilot, with a bad streak in him and sense of humour that not only makes an entertaining read but also is the cause of most of his troubles. Supported by strong characters, the womanizer has both strong female protagonists and allies to deal with along with a wicked set of bad guys, which would give even Fleming's Bond a bit of trouble. The feel good humour races through history, portraying both actuate and interesting facts. "If there ever was a time for a new Bond or Flashman it is now, move over Biggles, Falstaff Wild is at the controls!"
ISBN: 9781803028897
Type: Paperback
Pages: 574
Published: 11 August 2023
Price: $14.95

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