The Charisma Formula

The Charisma Formula reveals for the first time the 7 Secrets to Speaking with Eloquence and Influence If you're a presenter, and especially if you make offers while you present, than this book is your ultimate guide to what you need to stand head and shoulders above 95% of all other speakers. You were born with charisma - that intangible energy that attracts people to you. Reconnect with your birthright and harness that energy to capture audiences in the first few seconds of your presentation, communicate on a personal level and skyrocket your business by selling without being salesy. Learn: * A bullet-proof 8 step recipe to introduce yourself to any audience * 4 interchangeable storytelling models for personal stories and business case studies * A 5 question Positive Debrief Tool to ensure you exceed expectations * The S.O.A.R. method of picking perfect content * The staggeringly simple 12 stage SoftSell offer invitation template. Develop your ability to: * Confidently alter your behavior to ethically get results * Speak directly to the wants and needs of your audience * Control the energy of any room * Present with charisma and your own personal style The Charisma Formula provides you with...a formula. A formula for your own personal development and also the development of any presentation, seminar or workshop. This book is practical, easy and most of all transformational.
ISBN: 9781784075309
Type: Paperback
Pages: 187
Published: 18 March 2014
Price: $11.95

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