The Children Of Willow Chase

By Robert Stephen Young and Diane Young
The Children of Willow Chase is a tale of betrayal and a struggle for survival for Sue and Tom, two young children caught up in a world they know little of. A chance encounter with the most unlikeliest person who would come to their rescue and help them as they struggle to comprehend who they really are and what powers they have had bestowed upon them by their ancestors, making them a high value commodity to be exploited by those who seek their ultimate destruction. With the aid of their rescuer Sha-na they embark on a journey to seek the truth of who they really are. Along the way they learn that they as well as others have the ability to unite the peoples of the Westland before the dark forces from the East consume them. Time is running out for Sue and Tom who have to rescue the Children of Willow Chase as the powers that they possess, could be used to crush the armies of the free people of the Westland's. Will the Elf's of The great North Forest survive along with the Dwarfs of Gi-ane or will the Goblins with the mystic Breadon prevail?
ISBN: 9781785109140
Type: Paperback
Pages: 407
Published: 30 June 2015
Price: $14.45

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