The Crazy Adventures of a Lovesick Angel

It’s Christmas, and party night for a magazine company. But not a good night for a lovestruck writer called Rohan. When Violet - the girl he is secretly in love with - accepts a flirtatious dance from their editor, Rohan is so upset that he dies of spontaneous combustion. He ends up in heaven’s waiting room, and after some bureaucratic hiccups is sent back to Earth as an angel. He is assigned three tasks. He has to help Violet to: A) follow her dreams, B) to love herself and to C) meet Mr Right. He has 24 hours. He will be invisible and have no physical presence. And so he begins his quest. Romance blossoms between Violet and their editor - who turns out to be a controlling and violent bully. The relationship is short-lived, and Violet must find her courage to stand up to him. Similarly, Rohan discovers his power as an angel, and his courage is also tested. When Violet’s life is threatened, Rohan faces a terrible choice. Should he save her? In doing so, he risks the wrath of heaven’s bureaucrats and he could be sent to hell. And how on Earth is he to complete the tasks?
ISBN: 9781788766197
Type: Paperback
Pages: 290
Published: 29 November 2018
Price: $12.95