The Dowager's Dream

In a crumbling mansion on the north coast of Scotland, the Dowager grows old; exiled there by her son, she dreams of her girlhood and waits for death. When her tenants keep talking of a monster in the sea, the Dowager becomes obsessed by the strange creature that might be living in the bay beyond her windows. The Kirk Minister, Mr. MacKenzie, prides himself on being a man of the enlightenment and refuses to countenance such superstition among his flock. Even when his daughter, Mary, sees the creature, half-woman half-fish, trapped in the ice of the frozen burn, the Minister dismisses it as an absurd fancy although all his parishioners know Mary to be the most truthful of girls. Mary grows as obsessed with the sea monster as the Dowager and along with her overwhelming desire to see the strange creature once more, she begins to develop other secret, passionate yearnings that fill her with shame. Kirsty MacDonald, maid-of-all work at the Manse, claims the sea monster must portend disaster and she is right for the Laird has grand plans to improve the estate. He brings in an ambitious young land agent, William Patterson, to evict all the tenants from their crofts in order to turn the land over to an army of sheep. What no one expects, the Laird least of all, is that the tenants will find an ally in the Dowager but in standing up to her unscrupulous son, she knows she will have to pay a terrible price.
ISBN: 9781803027999
Type: Paperback
Pages: 406
Published: 9 April 2023
Price: $11.38

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