The Goal, The End

By Peter J. Clynes and Michael Preston
Moor Green Football Club turned 100 years old on September 17, 2001. Six years and a devastating fire later, the historic club, based since 1930 in the suburb of Hall Green, six miles to the south of Birmingham, was consigned to history. The Moors competed in the Dr Martens Southern League at the time of the club’s centennial and had risen to the Conference North, two promotions shy of the Football League, by the final season. During the prior one-hundred years, Moor Green graced many different leagues with varying degrees of success. What can be said with confidence is that the name Moor Green has been held in high esteem throughout English amateur and semi-professional football and, for a period of time, in Europe as well. This reputation was achieved through the efforts of many fine players backed by hard-working committee men who made selfless efforts to keep the club going through both good times and bad. The history of the club could almost be a social history of England’s second city, illustrating the changing attitudes towards sport, especially football, during the twentieth century. Like so many football clubs that began life at the dawning of a new century, Moor Green were originally the winter section of a cricket club. In the beginning, they were very much a gentlemen’s club, playing only friendly matches, in the style of the cricket clubs of the day. The club’s very first fixture was against the local church choir XI. During the intervening years, there were many ups and downs. The Moors did eventually succumb to league and cup football, but remained resolutely amateur for as long as possible, refusing to pay the generous ‘expenses’ with which many other so-called amateur clubs rewarded their star players.
ISBN: 9781788766371
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Pages: 114
Published: 7 December 2018
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