The Guild

Book Two of series "The Lion's Trace." As the evening progressed, Soetste gained the companionship of the beautiful house servant, whom he began to call Jasmine. He allowed her to talk of her life and he of his. They shared stories. Their paths were similar, as were the height and build of their bodies. She was his female equivalent. He enjoyed her dark skin and dark eyes. Soetste made love to her in a way he never had with Rachel. He'd succeeded in releasing Rachel's femininity, but between being a good Jewish wife and the rigid Christian rules of the Dutch Reformed Church, Rachel was a confused woman. She was a fine wife and mother, but she never cried out from deep within her soul, as Jasmine did. Leeuw left at sunrise. Memories of Antje floated to the surface of his mind. Had she loved him? What price was he paying to leave a legacy for his descendants? Had he mistakenly used politics to achieve his dream, and what strength had he to go against the largest sea-faring enterprise in Europe? Can fur trading and barrels of rum buy him back his freedom... or the love of another woman?
ISBN: 9781784076764
Type: Paperback
Pages: 137
Published: 13 May 2014
Price: $10.99

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