(The Imitation Heroes Book 1) The Deception

The Deception is the first part of The Imitation Heroes trilogy. This is a story about people, people who are human, are fallible, and make mistakes, Earthlings or otherwise. These people have been charged, by God, with a mission that will take them halfway across the galaxy. An interstellar war is looming and must be stopped. The Carlen rebels are the ones who have to work out how to do this, as it is their government that is planning this war. Their royal family had been killed, or worse, and has just one surviving member, and her people may not remember her fondly, or at all. To ingratiate her, and her new family, with her people she will be the figure head for the rebels, and her daughters will go on the mission to take on, and defeat a major, immortal crime lord who has terrorised many for 2000 years. There is a zoo, with human exhibits, and there are five hostages, all important to their people, and are held as a source of power over their peoples, and must be rescued, so the Carlen royal family can be restored to power, the government removed, and peace ensured. There Easy!
ISBN: 9781782999393
Type: Paperback
Pages: 417
Published: 17 September 2013
Price: $14.45

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