The Intimacy of Strangers

The Past always catches up with you... Eighteen years on, two people are drawn back to the place where lies, adultery and murder changed their young lives forever and both are seeking answers. After Rebecca’s mother dies in what she believes was a car accident, her father takes her to live in America. But although he gives her everything she possibly needs, he fails to provide her with the love and attention she so desperately craves. Eighteen years later Rebecca is handed a letter by her father from an English solicitor informing her of a legacy left by her maternal grandmother. Her father’s refusal to discuss the past means that Rebecca is completely surprised by the fact that she had any living relatives in England. With no memory of her childhood in England or of her mother, Rebecca is left feeling betrayed and lied to by her father. And when she walks in on her fiancé in bed with a Brazilian model, Rebecca makes the decision to leave America immediately and heads to England in search of her past. What truths will she uncover about her family’s history? Or will she find solace in The Intimacy of Strangers?
ISBN: 9781786102089
Type: Paperback
Pages: 274
Published: 12 October 2015
Price: $12.95

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