The Last Magician

Thrown into solitary confinement as a child of eight, Darian spent the next eighteen years in darkness with only the memories of his fathers murder and his mothers defilement for company. Hatred burned deep within him and he lusted for revenge, his deranged mind conjuring a million and more ways he would avenge his parents and himself. A wizard in the guise of a wandering priest sets him free and for the first time since he remembers he hears laughter and sees beautiful women. The sun now shines on his back, he is eating decent food, he is clean and well presented, he is even being taught the noble arts of swordsmanship while the priest teaches him humility and forgiveness. Darian's life has changed, little does he know by how much or the direction he must take to avenge his mother and father their fate. Danger is all around him and he must leave his new found freedom and seek enlightenment, enlightenment freely given by the priest. If what the priest promises, he will become the most powerful man in the kingdom, beholden to no one, not even the King; then and only then, will he seek the retribution he needs to calm his inner soul. Revenge will be his, it will be total and gained on a cold heart, not filled with anger. An angry man makes mistakes the priest continually drummed into him, Darian wasn’t angry any more.
ISBN: 9781788764025
Type: Paperback
Pages: 220
Published: 20 June 2018
Price: $12.65

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