The Life and Crimes of Lockhart & Doppler

A collection of twelve short Steampunk stories in the style of 19th century Penny Dreadfuls. Alternative historical nonsense to while away an hour or two. Lockhart and Doppler are a pair of miscreants; carrying the flag for pirates and highwaymen that went before, and lighting the way for young gals to embark on their own adventures. Lucy Lockhart is an adventurer, a treasure-hunter. She blazes with joyful abandon across the Americas, France, Italy and good old Blighty, delighting in upsetting the pompous and shagging, well, pretty much anyone! Of dubious morals; will steal from fellow seekers and set others up as cannon fodder, she none-the-less has a sense of fair play – to a degree, and she is pretty candid about her own shortcomings. Theodora Doppler is a teenage whiz-kid scientist, who, though being a child, is the 'adult' in the relationship; keeping Lockhart on track and tending to injuries – she's also a dab hand with a blowgun and poisoned darts. As a Blue Stocking, Doppler is terribly interested in women's suffrage and well-being, and her diaries; which are included in this collection, show some of the lengths this terrifying teen will go to in order to free her sisters from male servitude. Together, Lucy Lockhart and Theodora Doppler, fly in the Professor Selwyn, a balloon-sphere – created, so Lockhart tells us, by herself and Messrs, Wells and Cavor - to South America where they meet a charming tribe, and a well-endowed deity. To Rome, where they disguise themselves as nuns to infiltrate a certain Palace, To Germany, where mining operations pique Lockhart's interest, and by coach to Northumberland where they discover a secret mechanised army. The Stone of the Son's of Horus first appeared in it's original six part format in Go Steampunk online magazine, the stories initially being posted in 2014 on the Lockhart&Doppler Blogger online site.
ISBN: 9781788764667
Type: Paperback
Pages: 278
Published: 10 August 2018
Price: $12.95

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