The Magic of Christmas

After 200 years of faithfully delivering presents to children, Santa Claus is retiring. Tonight is his last ride on the old, bright red sleigh, a sad night that not even his legendary jolliness can overcome as he soars over villages, towns and cities, delivering presents to all the boys and girls, who had been good throughout the year. Now a new Santa would take the reins. Once found the new Santa, and the Elves, would make sure next Christmas would come and go, without a hitch as it always did. Adverts are placed in every newspaper in the world, but only one person, (Travis McGee) applies for the job. Travis is a drunkard, workshy and thoroughly dishonourable; an individual who will stop at nothing to make money, and who only applied for the job after a row with his long suffering wife, Rosie, to try and ingratiate himself back in her good books. Travis is a Scouser, Liverpool born and bred; not typical of the men in that city, he has only ever held one job in nearly thirty years of expert dodging; at 45 years of age, the thought of work made him shudder with terror, it gave him hives, uncontrollable shivers, twitching and cold sweats brought on by the stress, yet here he is, across the table from three individuals telling him to his absolute horror, he is the new Santa Claus. He is trapped by the magic of Christmas, forced to work with the Elves, who drive him mad with their antics and crazy way of thinking. Added to his misery is the fact the magic is fading, within 10 years it will be gone along with the Elves, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, himself and the Village. It’s a race to find a solution, but working with the Elves is almost impossible. Can it be done? It has to be, despite the Elves crazy logic and madcap ways. Ho, Ho, Ho.
ISBN: 9781788763226
Type: Paperback
Pages: 166
Published: 18 April 2018
Price: $11.95

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