The Matron, the Airman and JFK

"The Matron, the Airman and JFK" is a collection of surreal short stories from a journalist who spent most of the last 40 years in Asia and returned to London in 2017. "The Matron" - Sexual awakening and sexual abuse at an English preparatory school for boys around the time of JFK's assassination. "Deep and Crisp and Bet on Even" - A Soho roulette dealer thinks he has seen it all at Christmas when a punter is allowed to take a leak under the table to avoid interrupting a run of good luck. But there is a bigger surprise in store. "Exmoor Visitors" - A sceptical young reporter is sent down to cover the landing of a UFO in North Devon. Yeah, right, he thinks. Until he meets a disarmingly beautiful ghost from his past. "Our Man in Colombo" - A Buddhist monk emerges from Sri Lanka’s Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, looks around, coughs and spits. He looks around again, shiftily, and goes back indoors. Nothing is as it should seem in Sri Lanka. "Death in Hong Kong" - Hong Kong has a new cable car system, swinging from block to block. A glamorous Chinese film star takes an English tourist on a ride he will never forget. "The Matron 2" - Time for an explanation. A man goes in search of answers to the abuse he saw and suffered as a nine-year-old boy.
ISBN: 9781835970553
Type: Paperback
Pages: 70
Published: 2 April 2024
Price: $6.49

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