The Right Hand Man

Deep in various criminal empires, Davie Rhodes is a vindictive, deadly and notorious bare-knuckle legend without remorse for his victims. From a grim childhood in the Glasgow Gorbals slums, to working for The Godfather, then gunrunning for the IRA, he’s a survivor. In the shadows between cities, he leaves a trail of destruction his own blood must resolve. And after causing his wife’s suicide, he flees Aberdeen, abandoning son Joe to work for Jack Gallagher in Liverpool’s seedy underworld. There, he meets his estranged son Max, who he also abandoned, and decides to mould him into the man that Joe would never be. But, it’s not long before his past catches up with Davie and he’s forced on the run again. He makes connections to the IRA under C4 Millacky, a notorious terrorist and gunrunner who’s only ambition is to re-ignite the war in Ireland. Davie finds himself on ‘Europe’s Most Wanted’ list, his only wish to get out alive amidst all the treachery, and rich, but will he?
ISBN: 9781788761567
Type: Paperback
Pages: 352
Published: 8 December 2017
Price: $13.38

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