The Silurian, Book 1

The Silurian, Book 1: THE FOX AND THE BEAR A YOUNG WARLORD ARISES Hundreds of years ago in a land ravaged by fierce clans, where only the strongest survive, a Legend of the People was born. From the historic tales of King Arthur comes a raw, riveting and passionate series of novels by author L.A. Wilson, who breathes fresh new life into this spell-binding saga. Told in the first-person by Prince Bedwyr, the warrior closest to Arthur's heart, this is an amazing journey into the past, where social order was kept by the sword. Through L.A. Wilson's powerful story-telling, a whole dramatic world of love, hatred, war, betrayal and loss is created and viewed through the exotic eyes of 'The Fox.' Arthur, at age fifteen, was the winner of a great battle between British and Saxon forces, seizing the day from his own supreme commander, Ambrosius Aurelianus. Wounded and yet emboldened from his first battle, Arthur begins his rise to take full control of Britain's armies. As Arthur's power grows, Prince Bedwyr's own life begins a downward slide into rebellion, and he leaves on a lone path of confusion to fight his inner demons, to find who he really is as his great friend and foster-brother rises high enough for Arthur to face his father, Uthyr, in battle for the right to fly the Red Dragon banner of the Pendragon Warlords.
ISBN: 9781803023687
Type: Paperback
Pages: 262
Published: 11 February 2022
Price: $9.78

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