The Silurian, Book 2

The Silurian, Book 2: THE KING OF BATTLES AN INVINCIBLE COMMANDER ARISES Arthur is now Supreme Commander of Armies in Britannia and just about to begin his annihilating South Saxon campaign, leading his army, now known as the Clan Bear, into the south coast where the Saxons have made inroads into British territory. On this campaign, Arthur and his young warrior army destroy the Saxons in battle after battle; a ruthless campaign of fire and superior tactics that pushes the Clan Bear to their limits, taking the Fox into days of wild anguish as he fights and kills in a relentless need to be Arthur's greatest warrior and champion. And yet it is Medraut, Arthur's cousin, who is pushed too hard and too far, as now, traitors sworn to Medraut's side begin to arise from within the ranks of Arthur's army. Though still unassailable in his growing power, the legend of Arthur as an invincible warrior has already begun, and he breaks the Saxons, and returns home once again victorious. During this time of peace, Arthur goes home for the first time to his land of birth, to Siluria, there to seek out the last living souls of his mother Igrain's people; those who survive from their battles against Uthyr Pendragon. Yet going deep into Siluria causes more trouble for both Arthur and Bedwyr to overcome—a fierce new enemy, a Silurian traitor of the Boar Clan, who challenges the two young warriors to face his rebellion. Now Arthur and Bedwyr must become killers of their own kind, or see themselves destroyed.
ISBN: 9781803023915
Type: Paperback
Pages: 278
Published: 23 February 2022
Price: $9.98

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