The Silurian, Book 3

The Silurian, Book 3: LONGHAND, WHITE-TOOTH, AND THE FOX A GREAT PRINCE ARISES To favour themselves, King Cadwallon Longhand, and his cruel and ambitious brother, Owen White-tooth, both of the powerful clan of the Gwynedd Gododdin, seek to keep Arthur from rising to take absolute rule of Britain as Imperator. And when Bedwyr walks into Longhand's stronghold of Rhos, he is instantly taken prisoner. In the hope of thwarting Arthur's rise, Longhand then forces Bedwyr into his war-host, to fight for the Men of Gwynedd against the Bear. Far from Bedwyr's imprisonment, Arthur hammers the great Angle Atheling Colgrin in battle after battle, causing Owen White-tooth to challenge Arthur on his own home soil. Still the Fox's wait for escape drags on, where his power as a warrior gains him great status. Defying Longhand and Owen both, Bedwyr never falters in his loyalty to Arthur, infuriating Owen, who finally takes the Fox to battle against the Bear of Britain himself—the time has come for Arthur to invade Gwynedd to claim back his stolen prince.
ISBN: 9781803023922
Type: Paperback
Pages: 262
Published: 23 February 2022
Price: $9.89

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