The Silurian, Book 4

The Silurian, Book Four: The One-Armed Warrior BROTHERS DIVIDED Returned to the Clan Bear on the eve of a massive Saxon invasion, the Fox is now High Prince of Gwynedd. He is re-united with Arthur, and about to face a far greater challenge than anything gone beforeā€”to face a battle that will bring great loss along with its glory in victory. This loss changes the Fox forever. For this is the cost of being Arthur's most powerful warrior, as Arthur himself pays a terrible price for his invincible power. Even Medraut, Arthur's embattled cousin, loses to his father, Lot. Loss binds the three men in a way they have never known before. And yet it is Bedwyr's loss that seals their future fates. As the Fox struggles to survive, as Arthur gives up what he loves to stay at Bedwyr's side, in the end, their battles divide them once again. As the Fox rises, he falls; as he is re-united, he is torn from the Bear's side by his own wild pain. From what Bedwyr had once escaped, he now returns to win battles of his own. Always a force to be reckoned with, the Fox heals himself with the aid of a simple blacksmith, and again, becomes Arthur's greatest friend and champion.
ISBN: 9781803024318
Type: Paperback
Pages: 260
Published: 18 March 2022
Price: $9.89

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