The Silurian, Book 6

THE SILURIAN, BOOK Six: THE FOX on the Water A MIGHTY SAGA OVER THE SEA Arthur is gone over the seas to fight for his Breton allies in Armorica, and Bedwyr is left behind. The Bear is gone for years, and how long can the Fox stand being separated in this cruel way? Always rebellious, Bedwyr finally leaves his homeland and barters for passage to Armorica on a Norseman's long-boat, sailing him over the 'Whale Roads' to find the Bear. Now in a new land, a land where Merlin had once prophesied he would die in battle, Bedwyr fights again to the ends of his endurance to rescue Arthur from his endless conflicts, and sail him home to Britain where death, betrayals and more suffering awaits them both—and one strange and unexpected reunion.
ISBN: 9781839458156
Type: Paperback
Pages: 232
Published: 2 March 2021
Price: $10.79

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