The Silurian, Book 7

The Silurian, Book Seven The Wounded Bear. A GREAT KING IS A HOSTAGE NOW Arthur is missing, or lost, gone into the wilds of northern Britain, where the rumours are strong that the Saxons have taken him as their hostage with the aid of the Romani Church; that the Bear is more than wounded, but already dead. And in the vacant place where Arthur ruled supreme, his traitor cousin Medraut now begins his campaign to take Arthur's place; to raise the Red Dragon over his own head and declare himself Arthur's heir. But there comes an unexpected enemy standing over both Arthur and Medraut—another son of Lot has arisen in the north, and it is Medraut's challenge to join or defeat him. And always it is the Fox who seeks for the Bear in the wildlands and the dark heart of pain and torture. If Arthur is already dead, as the rumours claim, as Medraut believes, how will Bedwyr survive?
ISBN: 9781803026558
Type: Paperback
Pages: 310
Published: 3 November 2022
Price: $10.36

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