The Silurian, Book 8

THE SILURIAN, Book Eight Last Man to Avalon THE KING OF THE FUTURE The final book of The Silurian series is the road to Avalon, paved with death and endings; the end of an heroic age that grows ever darker with the fall of Arthur—and Bedwyr fights to the last of his living strength to keep his warrior-king alive. Yet both Arthur and Bedwyr know their lives have come full circle, and all efforts to save the Bear from falling is futile, as Arthur knows and accepts his destiny is to die on the battlefield of traitors. King Arthur's famous final conflict, the Battle of Camlann, ends them all: all but the Last Man—and there is nothing in this world that Bedwyr can do now to stop Arthur's immortal journey to Avalon. "I have to go now, the Sun has risen for the last time for me. More beautiful a sight I've never seen before, as if every sunrise has only been a shadow of this one, on this day. Bedwyr, you are my eternal one, and we will join again soon. Now, you must let me go, you must be my hero to the last of my breath, you must stand over me as the Last Man."
ISBN: 9781803026527
Type: Paperback
Pages: 278
Published: 3 November 2022
Price: $11.06

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