The Soul Talkers

A very serious student and a poet (Larissa) who is caught up in events of loving a very disciplined and 'one of a kind' type of guy (Don). As a public figure, Don is faced with the challenge of having lots of admirers but definitely knows what he wants. His introduction into the Soul Talkers contest by Larissa is the beginning of the 'acquaintance adventure' but another lady (Rachael) is there to capture him. As they approach the final stages of the contests, relationships between these three become more dramatic which are even more complicated by Rachael's circus of Men (her ex: Chamberlain and her admirer: Mahmud). The circle continues and just in the right time when Don's Heart desire is going in one direction towards Larissa, a twist occurs and love becomes hate with Rachael now on the advantage side. Switching directions makes him realize who he really wants to be with, and with the finals of the soul talkers competition at stake, the two ladies stand a chance to lose something or even lose everything. The creativity in combining drama, campus Life, Football and poetry all in one story makes it unique, overwhelming and beyond words.
ISBN: 9781782993698
Type: Paperback
Pages: 334
Published: 5 December 2019
Price: $11.77

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