Tombstone Blues

Tombstone Blues 'Death Is Only Bad News IF You're Born Again To Sing The Blues" (..from a song by Sean Hunt called 'Living Will Blues') It is said that there are two truths and only two truths. All phenomena are included in these two categories: ultimate truths and conventional truths. Ultimate truth is a complex theme and many volumes are devoted to explaining it, defining it, refining it, and debating it, then through much reading, much contemplation, and sometimes much solitary meditation on mountain tops ultimate truth can be understood deeply and directly. This is the ultimate catharsis. Suffice to say, succinctly, this truth relates to the ultimate nature of all phenomena, their unfindability. Quantum physics is catching up with this ancient wisdom. Conventional truth includes all phenomena that are not ultimate truths, such as the book you are holding/reading, the author of the book, planet earth, football teams etc. Conventional truths are also called 'Truth for an obscurer' (a curious but important concept that requires time and attention and study and contemplation to grasp) along with some understanding of ultimate truth. My wish is that some of my poems may hopefully pique an interest in someone to know those two truths one day
ISBN: 9781788762700
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 70
Published: 13 March 2018
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