Words Unsaid

‘Things left unsaid’. Suppressed. Overwrought with overthought. Repressed. Because, ultimately, my words are useless expressed. Not that this isn’t ‘expression’! Arh! Now I’m overthinking the title, the preface, the blurb. Should it be ‘Words’,and not ‘things’, (left unsaid)? It’s just: a collection, pages steeped in suppression, overwrought contemplation, and a struggle to articulate the ineffable. Despite being a whole book of “poetry”, ultimately it fails to express the complexity of innermost sentiments. Plus I keep second-guessing myself. Grab a cosy drink and delve into this profound failure in communication.A new thought!Oh, even better: it should be called, simply: ‘Words Unsaid’.
ISBN: 9781835970805
Type: Paperback
Pages: 100
Published: 17 March 2024
Price: $10.25

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