Yeshua is dead ...

When Yeshua of Nazerat returns to Yerushalayim for Pesach (Passover), he ishailed by many as the revolutionary king who will bring a new age of victory and prosperity. Not all believe this: some see him as a heretic, some see him as a means to advance their own ends while others simply do not care. Six people, each having their own ideas of who Yeshua is, have those ideas tested in the two days following his arrest and detention by the Romans. Shimon, one of the thieves executed alongside Yeshua. Barabbah, the robber freed as part of the Pesach celebration. Septimus, the centurion responsible for the executions. Yitshak, one of the ruling Council. Mariam, Yeshua’s mother. Yohanan, the follower of Yeshua who was one of his closest circle. As they face his death, these six people will have to examine their own lives and decide what his death means to them.
ISBN: 9781786973986
Type: Paperback
Pages: 294
Published: 14 October 2016
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