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My first published book, Citadel Awake! was born out of thoughts, dreams and life experiences garnered over my eventful, varied (and interesting) life. Over at least five years, all these things have gradually coalesced into this tale of one woman’s journey of discovery, which I hope will speak on many different levels, to those who read it. Although a full-time primary school teacher, I am able to find time, when not planning, marking and assessing my young charges, to write. Something I love to do. I have two other books in the pipe-line, both for children, both of which have had to go on the back burner while I got Citadel Awake! ready for publishing. My inspiration? Too many other authors to mention, both secular and Christian. I love an historical novel or one set in a foreign and yet unvisited land. A good detective novel is never far away and of the Classic Authors, Thomas Hardy has to be ‘up there,’ as my favourite. An avid traveller myself, I take inspiration from places I have visited, the beauty of the world around me and the people I have met on The Way. My greatest inspiration, I hope, is The Lord Jesus, who I came to know personally as a teenager, many moons ago; and the honest, warts-and-all accounts or character’s lives, found in The Bible. When I am relaxing, I avoid housework, wherever possible, by starting and rarely finishing various ‘arty’ projects. The house is littered with them…creating vibrantly bright coasters, from discarded tiles, (on-going,) making felt and for jewellery projects, (stalled,) and knitting and felting various styles of handbag, which fill my wardrobe and which only occasionally see the light of day, (definitely on hold for now.) There are some partially knitted Elma elephants, eagerly awaiting their heads and a shawl, which is being knit on ridiculously large needles. All of which will be finished…eventually. I am grateful to be married to a very kind, faithful and patient man. I also have two wonderful grown-up children, who indulge my spurts of random creativity, with humour. I love them all, unconditionally.

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“The watchmen are on high alert.” Sarah looked worried. “Is The Great Citadel under attack?” Citadel Awake is the story of a woman’s journey to The Great Citadel and her journey of discovery, after coming to faith. Ultimately, it is a story of forgiveness....
ISBN: 9781788760898
Published: 9 November 2017