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David and Jayne Dalrymple are professionally trained counsellors and support workers who work and live in the suburbs of Nottingham. They have interviewed and worked with over 100 WW2 veterans, including survivors of "Britain's Worst Maritime Disaster" The RMS Lancastria, 17th June 1940. Often called "A secret Sacrifice" or "Churchill's Cover-up". This (part) trilogy of books are based on the work with George 'Bebe' Daniels MM SAS. The final part of the trilogy is based on the amazing photos from his SAS scrapbook available 2018.

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George ‘Bebe’ Daniels MM SAS…This is the long-awaited personal account of an exceptional and original World War Two operator, who was an unknown quantity during the war and many years after the war had ended. This, the second of three books which are base....
ISBN: 9781788761413
Published: 30 November 2017