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Alexandra Peel is a visual artist turned author.She has a Degree in Fine Art,Sculpture and has been a freelance community artist, painter, graphics tutor and book seller; she currently works as a Learning Support Practitioner in a F.E/H. E college. She is the author of ‘Sticks & Stones’; a collection of nine short stories based on witches. She has several short stories published in anthologies including, ‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome’, in Game Over. ‘Spinning Jenny’, in The Singularity, Issue 3. ‘ZIP’, in Rambunctious Ramblings. 'The Scream of The Butterfly' in Tick Tock. 'Apples To Ashes' and 'Tombs In Space' in The Asterisk Anthology. She received a commendation at The Asylum, Lincolnshire (annual Steampunk convention) in 2016, for writing an adventure NOT set primarily in Victorian London – but has never won a prize for anything other than a lollipop at school sports day and earned the grand total of £3.76 when she once went busking! Born and raised in Liverpool, Alexandra moved to the Wirral, after five years in Staffordshire, where she lives with her husband and daughter. She is a member of Wirral Writers.

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Molly Brown is an orphan with a taste for adventure.So determined and self-assured, that she becomes the captain of the Jolly Buccaneer, a pirate ship that has a rather unusual crew, including a man with a huge head and a talking cat.
ISBN: 9781788764674
Published: 9 August 2018