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Lisa is 56 years old and lives in West Glamorgan, South Wales, with her husband, Robert, and daughter, Charlotte. She currently helps her husband with his small, home-based business, but is also training to be a Reiki practitioner. Lisa gained a Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy in 1996, but diverted to studying a distance-mode degree course in Phytotherapy (Herbal Medicine) with the School of Phytotherapy in Bodle Street Green, near Herstmonceux, East Sussex, for four years, then with the University of East London, whilst her daughter was growing up, and with an elderly relative to care about for a number of years. 'Doctrine of the Asurlette' - 'Fair's Onyx', is her first Young Adult (YA) novel, and is the first in a series of five books of which book two is currently in the process of being written. The main character that runs throughout the series, a young General Dieter Llanfair, was inspired by numerous things, including how being different from the pack e.g. dressing unconventionally, possessing a sympathetic nature and being introverted in a sea of extroverts, can result in bullying, not just in young adults but also adults of any age whereby some people may think of these attributes as weak and negative, rather than positive. Human emotions, such as anger and envy, play no small part in recognising that the general is to blame for everything, yet they would, without a doubt, miss him if he was gone, if only to vent their frustrations onto someone who poses no threat to them. This behaviour, therefore, has to be called out.

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After the Asurlette dispatches smart electrons to the wars of mainland Europe in 1761, they veer off course and are ultimately distributed across Malabar Moor, killing many people. Nearly three centuries later, Onyx Cattarini is the metamorphic girl who r....
ISBN: 9781803026213
Published: 23 September 2022