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I am a student of English, and Irish History at Maynooth University, an author of fiction and non-fiction, and a blogger. I am fascinated by Ireland’s magical ancient heritage, which constantly inspires my daily life, and writing. Why not drop by my blog, and say hello... I am always happy to chat with anyone who shares the same interests.

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It's happened again. Somehow, Sidhe-Princess Annalee has embroiled Conor in another hopeless quest on behalf of her people, Ireland's fairy folk, the Sidhe. Last time, he very nearly got himself killed. This time, things look even worse. For a start, Anna....
ISBN: 9781785100628
Published: 12 September 2014
Conor Kelly is not your average hero. Trapped inside a body he can't control, his mind is as active and alert as yours. On the outside, however, he's about as interactive as a lump of wood. Then he meets Fae-Princess, Annalee, and everything changes. With....
ISBN: 9781781768075
Published: 17 September 2014