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Georgia Piggott left school with a sigh of relief, a single A-level and zero career prospects. After some years of general office work, she found her way into new developments in IT, going on to become a consultant Business Systems Analyst for various major UK companies. As a specialist in the interface between system and User, Georgia focused on satisfying Users' requirements, to make systems work both for businesses and for real people Creative by nature, Georgia has always enjoyed the written word, and decided to use her spare time to move into the realm of imagination. The Open University writing courses gave her the confidence to write seriously, and the result is a series of novels starting with Just Causes, based in the 'forgotten' period of the 1620's, between the end of the Tudor dynasty and the start of the Civil War. Having spent most of her life in the South East, Georgia now lives in Dorset.

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The year 1625 is a plague year, and when Alice Edwards inherits land, predatory neighbours close in with marriage in mind. But Alice, aided by local blacksmith Daniel Bunting, is confident of managing her land, as well as caring for Sam, a child orphaned ....
ISBN: 9781785108679
Published: 9 June 2015
‘Why did His Grace come all that way and never even ask how your uncle died? It would be normal to question anyone who might have witness to offer. So why didn’t he do that?’A coach accident prompts Alice Jerrard to offer shelter to Lord Hardcastle, his n....
ISBN: 9781839455667
Published: 24 November 2020
It is 1626 and Alice Edwards, newly married to Henry Jerrard, arrives at his home High Stoke to find the estate failing and divided against itself. His incompetent cousin Isabel rules over resentful servants beset by jealousy and ambition. In the venomous....
ISBN: 9781786108333
Published: 26 March 2016
‘Meredith’s past, Alice. Robbery, horse theft. What else might he not do?’ ‘It is not evidence, Sir Thomas.’ ‘Not yet, it isn’t,’ he says. ‘Under certain conditions, I might see fit to make the court rolls disappear.’ ‘Forgive my ignorance, sir, but isn’t....
ISBN: 9781786974921
Published: 30 November 2016