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Gina lives and works between London and the sunny French Riviera with her own Real-Life Hero and a grown-up bunch of kids not too far away in the UK. She's a foodie, ardent traveler, avid reader, Italophile and Francophile, cat and dog fan, lover of sea, river, lake and pond (Pisces), and an enthusiastic yet catastrophic balcony gardener. Her new release 'Life After 6 Tequilas' (ThornBerry, Mar 2013) is an upbeat, contemporary romance set in London with a dash of chicklit. She also Indie published a romance novella (Aug 2012)'To Hear You Smile' as a tribute to paralympic athletes. Gina grew up in South Africa, and her first historical romance 'The Wild Heart' (Wild Rose Press, June 2012) is set in the Cape of Good Hope in the late eighteenth century where, following a scandal, Georgina Blake, English gentlewoman, finds herself adrift. Fascinating stranger, Anton Villion, comes to her rescue. Or does he? What are his motives, and what dark secret does he hide? Gina loves writing - particularly writing these books - and hopes, if you get around to reading any of them, that you will thoroughly enjoy your time between the pages.

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Beth Johnson, an upbeat, hardworking, single mum living in London takes the humorous challenges of life in her stride. Her career is fast-tracking but that’s secondary to baby Jacob – his care and development are paramount. When her impeccably-organized c....
ISBN: 9781782998235
Published: 20 August 2013
Creative introvert, Rosemary Hamilton, lives day by day, her fragile existence disrupted when she acquires celebrity neighbour, Marco Dallariva, charismatic world-champion motorcycle racer who lives life on the edge. Their initial meetings are disastrous.....
ISBN: 9781786103253
Published: 19 November 2015
Georgina Blake flees a refined life in eighteenth century England to hide a scandal. Determined to start a new life, she voyages to the wild and beautiful Cape of Good Hope, unprepared for the adventure, danger and heartbreak that await her. On a remote f....
ISBN: 9781785102240
Published: 31 October 2014