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Born in North East England, the author spent many happy hours in the company of his grandfather as he regaled him with tales of his seafaring adventures from the 1930s onwards, becoming the master of several merchant vessels before becoming a Harbour Master on the River Tyne in the 1970s. Andrew first worked full-time as a Scientific Officer before training as a science teacher. His first science teaching post was in Surrey (UK), before commencing his overseas teaching positions in 10 countries. It was in Doha that the first novel took root and was constructed on a daily basis from Autumn 2005 to Summer 2006 while working a Head of Science. In 2010 the issue of publication raised its head. A colleague was a vanity publisher and encouraged further review and revisions. Since Publication on of his first novel "Any Means To An End - The Lost Diaries of Richard Buchanan" (which won 2nd prize in the Rosetta Press Literary Contest 2012), he has written 4 other books: "White Sands, Green Trees"; "Teaching Overseas - A Short Guide"; the follow-up to Any Means To An End, namely "Protective Craft - The Lost Diaries of Richard Buchanan" and "Fishing Trip - An Introduction to Fly Fishing and Trout" (an illustrated poem for children of all ages). All the books are in Kindle form.

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Diaries are uncovered detailing the life and times of Richard Buchanan. He is an English naval officer leading a gang of sailors through the blue waters of the Caribbean to the grey of the Baltic. They wreak havoc on enemy shipping, pirates and those who ....
ISBN: 9781781760048
Published: 24 July 2013
The Commodore's adventure continues, in this, the follow-up to "Any Means to an End". He must return to the New World, where surprises abound, and loyalties are stretched to breaking, while an abandoned love resurfaces to change everything...
ISBN: 9781781766576
Published: 24 July 2013
Just about everything you need to work through if you're considering applying for an overseas post. This is not just about the dream, but also what can go wrong and how to avoid pitfalls. It should enable someone to decide whether the overseas life is for....
ISBN: 9781782997559
Published: 23 August 2013