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ISBN: 9781849231152
Published: 1 November 2011
This book is a game for 1 or more players."So you're a Christian, are you? Why is that?"Over the years, many people have asked questions about the Christian faithand many people have attempted to give good answers to them.This book is about some of those ....
ISBN: 9781785106460
Published: 3 April 2015
James Bright is fairly sure that God doesn't exist. Mal, an angel, has one week to try to change his mind.
ISBN: 9781786107732
Published: 22 February 2016
So you know when you’re teaching maths and you’re standing at the board, talking and you suddenly find that there doesn’t seem to be a word for the thing you want to say? You do? Then this book is for you. It contains greater than or equal to 365 real and....
ISBN: 9781803025124
Published: 19 May 2022
It has been said that if Jesus had not existed, somebody would have had to invent him. This is a story about two people who decided to do just that. The year is 2BC, and Reuben and Abigail are awaiting the coming of the promised Messiah. But why have they....
ISBN: 9781786108555
Published: 8 April 2016