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After many years working in community development and charity management, Fran began writing creatively in 2006. her first two novels drew heavily upon childhood and youthful memories and characters. Her third novel, Eleanor's Journey is an analysis of the nature of lifelong friendship and its survival under pressure. In her fourth novel, The Ghost of Erraid, due out in early 2017, she moves into the realm historical and supernatural events and legends, having spent two years researching before beginning the creative process. This novel centres around a lighthouse family in the 1920s on the Hebridean island of Mull and draws upon Jacobite legends and Druidic myths. in addition to these longer works, she has a laptop full of short stories, poems and memoir pieces, mostly the result of membership of two lively writing groups. She regularly uploads new writing onto her website and also blogs there: She is a monthly blogger on the indy authors' website, 'Authors Electric', edits 'WordWise', the quarterly magazine of the Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers, and has curated 'Loch Lights 2016', an anthology of pieces from one of her writing groups. Increasingly, with experience, she finds herself mentoring and encouraging new and/or less confident writers and finds this very satisfying. Fran has three daughters and a stepson who have, to her delight, provided seven grandchildren. She lives in a village in West Lothian, close to Edinburgh, with her husband and an elderly dog.

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