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Akoya Rayne/Dakota-Luise Wolf/ Cera Blackthorne and Tawny Leigh are the pseudonyms of a stay-at-home mother, when she’s not writing; she’s raising her children and fur babies. She is an avid reader of most genres of romance and loves getting wrapped up in a good book. When she isn’t reading and writing on her next book, she’s doing crafts, gardening or movie time with her family. She breathes stories, she dreams them, and she can’t escape them – for her there everywhere, which is why she writes – she writes to bring her emotions and thoughts into this crazy world, and she loves to share them with so many people as she can. My Facebook pages are Akoya Rayne - Dakota-Luise - Cera Blackthorne - Tawny Leigh - - This is for 18+ readers only

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A motherless child, a lone-parent father, and a mothers matchmaking skill to unite all three.Nicara Elms has been living her life her way without a man for the past seven years. Hidden away in her peaceful cottage after the loss of her daughter, she shies....
ISBN: 9781803021263
Published: 31 August 2021
Windwhistler is a normal girl, but unbeknown to her she is Royalty and must find it in herself to pick up the pieces of the life that she had to leave behind, and her future husband, to be protected by from her evil Cousin, Lola.As her mother tells her th....
ISBN: 9781803025391
Published: 14 June 2022
A poem that everyone can relate to for every mood and occasion. A collection of poetry of comfort, courage, confidence, fear, friendship, love, loss, memories and vunlnerability. A poem that will tug at your heart for every emotion that we feel at all tim....
ISBN: 9781803020495
Published: 8 July 2021