benefits of self publishing
self publish
higher royalties
reach more readers
“ looks absolutely stunning - like a book in a store ......
~ Daniel Grant ~
“My books arrived today! I am absolutely delighted with them....
~ Mike Lowe ~
“Thank you for the excellent service.”
~ Simon Turney ~
“Thank you so much for everything you've done for my first b....
~ Joe Morris, author of Victorian Madness Lyrics ~
“I had a great launch night last night, sold lots of copies ....
~ Mandy Baggot, author of Knowing Me, Knowing You ~
publishing testominials
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By Fee Lyne
By Pam Howes
By Chris Deggs
By Lee Cooper
By Ramakanth Jonnavittula.
By Allen Ward
By Michael Forester
By Amanita Peridot Festoon