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This is the Top Ten books for the last month and was generated on Wednesday, 1 May 2024

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By Father Spyridon Bailey
The Ancient Path is a call for twentieth century man to rediscover authentic Christianity. Fr. Spyridon highlights the gulf that exists between modern thinking and the belief and practices of the Early Church. It is a call to abandon the illusions of modern philosophy to return to the one path that leads to Christ.Rich with quotations from the Chur...
ISBN: 9781784079987
Type: Paperback
By David Rice
If a United Ireland were to be declared in present circumstances, the Unionist hardliners would be out with their guns. They have actually said so to us;We must first work towards a United Northern Ireland, where both sides accept and respect each other;This can be achieved only by educating children of both sides together for a considerable time; ...
ISBN: 9781803029740
Type: Paperback
Father Spyridon explores Orthodox faith and practice that is both ancient and alive. He reveals how Orthodoxy is the continuing revelation of God to man.This is a book that will inspire and challenge in equal measure.
ISBN: 9781786973924
Type: Paperback
By Ginny Hajdukiewicz
Ginny Hajdukiewicz was not the stereotypical girl whose enthusiasm for horses waned after a few years. At twenty-three she had achieved her ambition to have her own riding centre, and in 1982 she moved to Wales with her ‘misfit’ horses and set up a trekking centre.Always deeply concerned regarding the welfare of horses and ponies, and distraught at...
ISBN: 9781803029870
Type: Paperback
By Father Spyridon Bailey
A collection of sayings from Orthodox saints, elders and Church fathers, both ancient and contemporary. From thirty-five years of reading Orthodox wisdom, Father Spyridon has selected teachings that give guidance on the spiritual life.
ISBN: 9781803028231
Type: Paperback
By Vincent McDonald
Book and passport explores the love for books and reading, and the urge to travel, that took the author to Asamankese in Ghana, and Port Townsend in the USA. It tells of living in those places, and once coming within inches of death. It touches on childhood, on courtship and marriage, on parenthood. Were the origins of a need to travel, and the lov...
ISBN: 9781835970652
Type: Paperback
By Benjamin Ernest Flude
A Boy from Haggerston by Ben FludeA book that vividly shows the hardship of life for working class for Londoners before World War 2. The Author tells his life story, from humble beginnings in London's East End to the beginnings of a professional career and married life in Surrey. Ben Flude's Mum was from a large East End family brought up in a two-...
ISBN: 9781835970515
Type: Paperback
By Father Spyridon Bailey
Father Spyridon presents a challenge and a warning to all Christians about the growth of the kingdom of Satan. He points first to the signs of this growing kingdom before explaining how we are each attacked and manipulated by evil powers that have corrupted our world. The looming threat of a one world government is presented by this Orthodox priest...
ISBN: 9781786979513
Type: Paperback
By R J Gould
Five people in a sleepy English coastal town. One year that changes everything. They seem to have it all. They’re in good health and are financially secure. They live in a pleasant and comfortable town. But as their lives intertwine, cracks emerge and restlessness grows. For Clive, is retirement the beginning of the end? Can fun-loving Saskia break...
ISBN: 9781839453724
Type: Paperback
By Father Spyridon Bailey
When Second World War pilots described seeing small globes flying outside their bombers, military leaders began what would become decades of research, cover-up and misinformation. Father Spyridon explores the key players in this strange phenomenon, identifying how movies, technology and philosophy have been used to guide public perception of what i...
ISBN: 9781803022284
Type: Paperback