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This is the Top Ten books for the last month and was generated on Saturday, 1 September 2018

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By Peter Lumley
Something of a wanderer Burnham Boy Peter Lumley has often taken a path not always plainly there. This warts-and-all tale is about people and places around Britain and beyond, with reflections from a lucky octogenarian who has been heard to say "it's not what you've got that matters, but just what you do with it that counts." The story begins in a ...
ISBN: 9781788764230
Type: Paperback
By Gee Vero
Autismus - (m)eine andere Wahrnehmung ist ein Buch für Menschen, die mit autistischen Menschen leben und arbeiten und diejenigen, die die Begegnung suchen und sich der Herausforderung des Mitmensch-Seins mit autistischen Menschen stellen wollen. Das Buch beschreibt in erster Linie den Autismus der Autorin und den Autismus ihres 10jährigen Sohnes, a...
ISBN: 9781784079734
Type: Paperback
By Gregg Dunnett
Jesse and his friends are the only kids who surf in a small beach town. But as they grow, so does the popularity of their sport, and they soon become anxious to protect their waves. And when the boys discover a perfect surfing wave hidden inside a private estate, they agree to do anything to keep their secret safe. Natalie’s life is torn apart when...
ISBN: 9781786974235
Type: Paperback
By Janet Walkinshaw
Margaret Erskine, mistress of James, King of Scots and reluctant chatelaine of Lochleven Castle, will let nothing stand in the way of her ambitions for her son Lord James Stewart. Surviving through the turmoil of the 16th century Reformation in Scotland, he achieves ultimate power as Regent. But then, unexpectedly, his half-sister, the young Mary, ...
ISBN: 9781788764131
Type: Paperback
By Denise Beddows
In 1948 the Lancashire mill town of Rawtenstall was rocked by its first ever murder. An elderly woman, described by her own family as ‘abnormal’, was found brutally beaten to death. Just three days later, a suspect – also deemed ‘abnormal’ – was arrested. This is the true and tragic story of transgendered bus conductress Margaret ‘Bill’ Allen, who ...
ISBN: 9781786979735
Type: Paperback
THE MOTLEY CREWAdventure on the Isle of Bute!Who has stolen the Bronze Age necklace from the Bute Museum?Or has the Queen of the Inch returned to claim her treasure?Join Lucy, Alma and Joram as they face danger and mystery while trying to unravel the secret of the Queen of the Inch.
ISBN: 9781788764278
Type: Paperback
By Judith Arnopp
As King Henry VI slips into insanity and the realm of England teeters on the brink of civil war, a child is married to the mad king’s brother. Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond, takes his child bride into Wales where she discovers a land of strife and strangers. At Caldicot Castle and Lamphey Palace Margaret must put aside childhood, acquire the digni...
ISBN: 9781786108203
Type: Paperback
By Delia Nadarajah
ISBN: 9781849232784
Type: Paperback
By Father Spyridon Bailey
In August 2013 Father Spyridon took a life changing journey to the heart of Orthodox monasticism on Mount Athos. During his visit he encountered monks and hermits of the ancient Christian tradition who shared the wisdom of their lives. Journey To Mount Athos is a journey into mysticism and faith that will speak to the hearts of many.
ISBN: 9781784071981
Type: Paperback
By Janet Walkinshaw
The year is 1537. Mary of Guise, young, beautiful and widowed, is the reluctant bride of James V, King of Scots. The marriage is arranged to strengthen the alliance between France and Scotland. On the border Henry VIII seeks a reason to invade. The Reformation is sweeping through Europe. In Scotland Mary finds a cultured, lively but quarrelsome cou...
ISBN: 9781786108517
Type: Paperback