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This is the Top Ten books for the last month and was generated on Sunday, 1 January 2017

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By Kim Maguire
The story of a woman who suffers a stroke following the birth of her baby. Kim battles for her life and then has to fight for her child to be returned to her. The honesty of the author is alive in her descriptions of loss and pain as she rebuilds her life as a stroke survivor, finally emerging from the trauma with extraordinary success.
ISBN: 9781786974204
Type: Paperback
By Alan William Powers
Why are poets expected to be sad-faced? This question begins my story-poem: “He knew--from a picture of Rod McKuen-- of all his race, the poet makes the saddest face. And next to a hound, the saddest sound.” Maybe when the dog is not a hound, he’ll write happier. Our dog-poet is an English Sheepdog named Wordsworth, pet of the central character Ona...
ISBN: 9781786975126
Type: Paperback
By Stephen Henry Morgan
Fenchurch form seven is the story of five youngsters battling a comprehensive monstrosity, highlighting the woes a first century sows where pupils are stacked thirty to one. Here experiencing what a government displays, this novel looking at lives inside and outside of its steely domain. A school that'll shape you so let's get it right, though how ...
ISBN: 9781786975348
Type: Paperback
By Kevin Owers
'Domestic Affairs' is a charming yet cutting snapshot of home life in contemporary Britain - a bittersweet reflection on ordinary people in uninspiring places. Part joyous ode, part acerbic rant, this enjoyable collection of 46 throwaway poems from Kevin Owers takes unashamed delight in its catchy hooks, pun-laden rhymes and playful ambiguity. The ...
ISBN: 9781786975102
Type: Paperback
By Jeremy Lawrence Cox
Daniel, a young artist in the throes of a passionate affair with a Jewish Hungarian girl while riding the roller-coaster of manic depression, is disturbed by a recurring dream about a child in a medieval coffin. When the girl tells him how she became separated from her mother during the Holocaust, he is drawn back in time to a terrible winter inthe...
ISBN: 9781786973313
Type: Paperback
By Rita Wilkinson
Kitty Cartwright, in the early stages of her third pregnancy, embarks on a train journey to visit her childhood friend Connie. Struggling with two young children, a heavy suitcase and a pushchair, she gratefully accepts help from two soldiers travelling on the same train. During the journey one of the soldiers, Tom Watson, becomes smitten with the ...
ISBN: 9781786975393
Type: Paperback
By Norma Mackrell
'Oxenhope in the Great War' is the record of a Yorkshire Pennine mill village during the war years 1914 to 1919. Oxenhope, almost entirely surrounded by moorland, is adjacent to Haworth, the home of the world-famous Brontë family. During the First World War, over 370 Oxenhope men left home to serve King and Country, 54 of whom did not return. Using...
ISBN: 9781786975065
Type: Paperback
By David Dunn-Wilson
AN INVITATION: The Bible is a map of Grace which gives access to a network of roads leading us to God. It has its splendid Motorways – the ‘fast-track’ highways along which we speed to precious truths (Psalms, the Gospels and the great Epistles spring to mind). It also has its ‘A Roads’ – those well-tried major routes leading to precious guidance a...
ISBN: 9781786974969
Type: Paperback
By K Z Persia
First of all I should like to thank Mr. John Wynter who proofread my stories and helped get them ready for publication. This book contains short stories on different subjects. Each has its own independent meaning. They are about power, hypocrisy, money, wisdom, humanity and humanity's greatest threat, ignorance. They also show how a person's charac...
ISBN: 9781786109569
Type: Paperback
By Adrian Farrel
Eighteen more original fairy stories in the style of The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, but with a whole lot more meaning and fun.
ISBN: 9781786972569
Type: Paperback