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This is the Top Ten books for the last month and was generated on Wednesday, 1 November 2023

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By Joy Wood
Dead Pretty 1977 – Six student nurses embark on their nurse training at Harlow Wood Orthopaedic Hospital. They are young, excited and soon develop a strong friendship bond within their cohort. But there is a predator amongst them. A man that takes great delight in killing young, pretty girls. He’s done it before. He watches their movements to decid...
ISBN: 9781803029177
Type: Paperback
By Father Spyridon Bailey
Father Spyridon presents a challenge and a warning to all Christians about the growth of the kingdom of Satan. He points first to the signs of this growing kingdom before explaining how we are each attacked and manipulated by evil powers that have corrupted our world. The looming threat of a one world government is presented by this Orthodox priest...
ISBN: 9781786979513
Type: Paperback
By Anne Thomas
Herbert Hartnell, born in Dunster in 1887, is the eleventh of James and Mary Ann's thirteen children. Tenants of the Luttrell estate, they live in a cottage near the Gallox (gallows) bridge. Herbert grows up chafing against the age-old hierarchy ruling English rural life. This is his story - imagined, but based on true events. It follows him in his...
ISBN: 9781803027838
Type: Paperback
By Ann Lovelace
Autumn, 1939. War has been declared and a group of London children are evacuated to Saltstone, near Dover. Their lives change drastically as they try to fit in and cope with food shortages and homesickness.As Winter turns to Spring, another evacuation is taking place — the dramatic rescue of British soldiers from Dunkirk. Ted Goddard and his son Gor...
ISBN: 9781786109514
Type: Paperback
By Father Spyridon Bailey
The Ancient Path is a call for twentieth century man to rediscover authentic Christianity. Fr. Spyridon highlights the gulf that exists between modern thinking and the belief and practices of the Early Church. It is a call to abandon the illusions of modern philosophy to return to the one path that leads to Christ.Rich with quotations from the Chur...
ISBN: 9781784079987
Type: Paperback
By Ricky James Rogers
Fresh to the gay scene, Oliver Edwards arrives in town searching for a new life. Perhaps here in this dazzling new place he will find himself, his happiness, maybe even love. But behind every shining light is energy powerful enough to kill; behind every costume is a charlatan with a scheme; and in Divas Cabaret Bar, the town’s brightest drag queen ...
ISBN: 9781803029344
Type: Paperback
By R J Gould
Five people in a sleepy English coastal town. One year that changes everything. They seem to have it all. They’re in good health and are financially secure. They live in a pleasant and comfortable town. But as their lives intertwine, cracks emerge and restlessness grows. For Clive, is retirement the beginning of the end? Can fun-loving Saskia break...
ISBN: 9781839453724
Type: Paperback
By Father Spyridon Bailey
When Second World War pilots described seeing small globes flying outside their bombers, military leaders began what would become decades of research, cover-up and misinformation. Father Spyridon explores the key players in this strange phenomenon, identifying how movies, technology and philosophy have been used to guide public perception of what i...
ISBN: 9781803022284
Type: Paperback
By Lorraine Barry
KATE THOUGHT SHE would do anything to escape the tedium of her job as a primary schoolteacher in the sleepy Irish village of Ballyvaughan. At thirty-two years old, she has never been daring or seen the world. Her evenings usually begin and end in pyjamas and fluffy slippers with a mug of tea nearby, her faithful dog Bobby her only companion. When t...
ISBN: 9781803029368
Type: Paperback
By Lorraine O' Byrne
What terrible thing has happened to Willow Grove? Once a beautiful haven, now a scene of total devastation. The creatures of the forest cower in terror but from what? There is a cruel magic at hand here. It is up to Jenny to solve the mystery and save her friends before it is too late!
ISBN: 9781781763919
Type: Paperback