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This is the Top Ten books for the last month and was generated on Thursday, 1 June 2017

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By Julie Ann Godson
Secret love affairs, murder, blackmail, poisoning and extortion: most of us enjoy a good scandal. And it’s even more fun when it involves our so-called ‘betters’. This book tells twenty stories of Oxfordshire toffs in trouble, from Tudor times up to the modern age. Few readers will fail to be impressed by the sheer variety of ways in which the uppe...
ISBN: 9781786972859
Type: Paperback
By Sean 'The AD Caveman' Young
So synonymous has bushcraft become with survival skills, the two are often considered one and the same, but to what extent is this the case? Hi, my name's Sean 'The AD Caveman' Young, and it's my belief that far from spending each day teetering on the edge of survival, our ancestors were rich in culture, spirituality, and harboured a deep love of c...
ISBN: 9781786977328
Type: Paperback
By Gee Vero
Autismus - (m)eine andere Wahrnehmung ist ein Buch für Menschen, die mit autistischen Menschen leben und arbeiten und diejenigen, die die Begegnung suchen und sich der Herausforderung des Mitmensch-Seins mit autistischen Menschen stellen wollen. Das Buch beschreibt in erster Linie den Autismus der Autorin und den Autismus ihres 10jährigen Sohnes, a...
ISBN: 9781784079734
Type: Paperback
By D J Kelly
Buckinghamshire has a 600 year history of subversion, sedition and espionage. The county has been home to radical plotters, heretics and heretic hunters, agents provocateurs and informers. Two world wars brought spies, secret agents and saboteurs to the county and many of our stately homes housed wartime code-breakers, eavesdroppers, boffins, intel...
ISBN: 9781785108471
Type: Paperback
By George Reid Craig
The body of young woman is found brutally murdered in a churchyard in Aberdeen's harbour district. The initial investigation suggest she is a prostitute as the area is known pick up area. As things open up it appears she was a young woman in the wrong place at the wrong time. As the police engage with the local prostitutes one of them steps up to p...
ISBN: 9781786977892
Type: Paperback
By Robert Brightwell
This sixth packet of memoirs from the notorious Georgian rogue Thomas Flashman covers the extraordinary events that culminated in a battle just south of Brussels, near a place called Waterloo. The first six months of 1815 were a pivotal time in European history. As a result, countless books have been written by men who were there and by those who s...
ISBN: 9781786973801
Type: Paperback
By Joycelin Dawes
This ground-breaking study explores spiritual and secular discernment. It is a detailed study of the process of Quaker practice of discernment and of Theory U, a secular framework for change. Joycelin Dawes cross-fertilises the insights of Quaker practice with the methods and visual 'U map' of Theory U. Her purpose is to bring greater clarity stren...
ISBN: 9781786977793
Type: Paperback
By Juley Howard
'Righteous Anger', based on interviews, press cuttings and Juley’s contemporary diaries, gives an insight into the motivation and morality of one anti-nuclear protester over a decade of non-violent direct action against Cruise missiles. It also offers much more besides. Juley Howard, a serious and sincere sixth former who intended to study Religion...
ISBN: 9781786977526
Type: Paperback
By Glenda Hodge
Holistic Reflexology, the eight principles is more than a book about feet. It is a book about life, self-discovery and understanding the messages that the body is trying to convey. Your feet are not sore nor your body in distress to make your life unpleasant. They are trying to draw your attention to an area of your life that needs to be addressed.
ISBN: 9781785101649
Type: Paperback
By Paul Wimbush
From the tribal anarchy of Tipi Valley through to the ordered structure of the Brithdir Mawr intentional farm community, this book charts the roots of the Lammas Ecovillage project. It explores the many contributing elements and opposing forces behind the creation of a pioneering settlement that empowers people to recreate their relationship with t...
ISBN: 9781781764923
Type: Paperback