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This is the Top Ten books for the last month and was generated on Tuesday, 1 October 2019

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By Sylvie Nickels
Nikki’s childhood was blighted by her father’s drinking.She knew she would never lose control of her life like that.But things didn’t work out as she had planned. This is her story.
ISBN: 9781782995579
Type: Paperback
By Gee Vero
Autismus - (m)eine andere Wahrnehmung ist ein Buch für Menschen, die mit autistischen Menschen leben und arbeiten und diejenigen, die die Begegnung suchen und sich der Herausforderung des Mitmensch-Seins mit autistischen Menschen stellen wollen. Das Buch beschreibt in erster Linie den Autismus der Autorin und den Autismus ihres 10jährigen Sohnes, a...
ISBN: 9781784079734
Type: Paperback
By Father Spyridon Bailey
Father Spyridon presents a challenge and a warning to all Christians about the growth of the kingdom of Satan. He points first to the signs of this growing kingdom before explaining how we are each attacked and manipulated by evil powers that have corrupted our world. The looming threat of a one world government is presented by this Orthodox priest...
ISBN: 9781786979513
Type: Paperback
By Joanne Watkinson
A book packed with monologues, script extracts and activities for children of all ages. The Drama Pot has been written by a drama teacher with over twenty years experience which includes heading up a performing arts faculty in a secondary school, GCSE and A-Level examining and most currently residing as the principal of a successful theatre school....
ISBN: 9781788762595
Type: Paperback
By Neil Simon Hanley
Twelve-year-old Lewis Duckworth wants to be a cricketer but never seems to get the chance. Playing in his first cricket match for his new school goes horribly wrong.Will he and his family forever remain OUTSIDERS?It makes him determined to prove he can do better as he tries to EDGE his new team to glory in the Inter-Town Twenty Cup
ISBN: 9781786109453
Type: Paperback
By Adrian Farrel
Twenty-two new and original fairy stories from the author of "Tales from the Wood" and "More Tales from the Wood". A collection of tales that are reminiscent of those you heard in your childhood.* * *Once the troupe had gone from sight and the chiming of their bells was lost in the air, the farmer rose up and decided to investigate. Fairy palaces, ...
ISBN: 9781788760096
Type: Paperback
By Kevin McMahon
This is a chronology of events, gleaned from the files of newspapers, of the Troubles in the Parish of Creggan, South Armagh, from 1969 to 2000.
ISBN: 9781788765848
Type: Paperback
By Brian Brennan
In Dublin, 1966, 23-year-old Jerry Burke quits his soul-destroying job in the Irish civil service to make a new life for himself in Canada and put behind him a dark secret from his republican past. At the same time, he undertakes to find out what happened to his ancestor, Diarmuid Burke, who came to Canada in 1847, the most devastating year of the ...
ISBN: 9781788769495
Type: Paperback
A young man who is captivated by a popular blues musician becomes a lawyer as an adult who defends the blues player in a court of law. Meanwhile the man's daughter is becoming estranged from him through mental illness. He is torn between his responsibilities as a father and his desire to pay back his hero. Can he fulfill both?
ISBN: 9781788767491
Type: Paperback
By Geraldine Margaret Aldridge
Maggie has been chosen to save the world. She is the special child mentioned in a mysterious ancient legend - a legend that asks a great deal of her - sometimes more that she feels she can manage alone. Luckily, there are six other children in the family - plus her loyal dog - who are more than willing to help her out. Together, they face the many ...
ISBN: 9781786972019
Type: Paperback