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This is the Top Ten books for the last month and was generated on Sunday, 1 September 2019

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By Gee Vero
Autismus - (m)eine andere Wahrnehmung ist ein Buch für Menschen, die mit autistischen Menschen leben und arbeiten und diejenigen, die die Begegnung suchen und sich der Herausforderung des Mitmensch-Seins mit autistischen Menschen stellen wollen. Das Buch beschreibt in erster Linie den Autismus der Autorin und den Autismus ihres 10jährigen Sohnes, a...
ISBN: 9781784079734
Type: Paperback
By Pauline Messenger
This book contains examples of how you can turn a negative situation into a positive. e.g. divorce, illness, dealing with the death of a child and lots of other situations. I have written about my life experiences and how I turned my life around.
ISBN: 9781788767354
Type: Paperback
By Sylvie Nickels
Nikki’s childhood was blighted by her father’s drinking.She knew she would never lose control of her life like that.But things didn’t work out as she had planned. This is her story.
ISBN: 9781782995579
Type: Paperback
By Judi Woodnutt
Woven from true and often darkly humorous experiences, this is the story of what happened to a family when both the parents succumbed to dementia within days of each other. It tells of George and Joan Ellis whose baffled admission: “We appear to have lost the time” set off a series of events that led to irrevocable change in more than just the dyna...
ISBN: 9781788768290
Type: Paperback
By Sonia Ann Waterfall
It was 2004, and a cache of letters was found when our parents house was cleared in preparation for sale. Ilse, our mother, had kept them safe for 50 years, never mentioning them nor telling their story. Hulda, her mother Gisela and daughter Ilse, all born into a Viennese Jewish family, were caught up in the tragedy of Hitler’s Europe. The three wo...
ISBN: 9781782996811
Type: Paperback
By D J Kelly
Buckinghamshire has a 600 year history of subversion, sedition and espionage. The county has been home to radical plotters, heretics and heretic hunters, agents provocateurs and informers. Two world wars brought spies, secret agents and saboteurs to the county and many of our stately homes housed wartime code-breakers, eavesdroppers, boffins, intel...
ISBN: 9781785108471
Type: Paperback
By Carol Irene Duval
Trying Lives: A House Sitter's Tale is a gently humorous travel memoir about trying out different lifestyles, mainly through house sitting and swapping. Not quite ready to settle in any particular place, newly retired couple, Carol and Richard Duval, set out to find ways of travelling cheaply and sustainably. But they also wanted time to explore wh...
ISBN: 9781788768900
Type: Paperback
By Maxine Patterson
An eclectic miscellany of stories that you will find hard to put down. We belong to a Creative Writing Group as part of the U3A and this Anthology is the result.
ISBN: 9781788769624
Type: Paperback
By Jeremy F Macdonogh
When Jeremy Macdonogh left the ivory towers of Cambridge University in 1970, the United Kingdom was on the brink of melt-down. His degree in History and Philosophy was utterly unsalable in the real world. Few graduates would land a salary unless their degrees were in some banausic discipline, like Medicine or Law. The author, in consequence, ‘waste...
ISBN: 9781788769754
Type: Paperback
By Joanne Watkinson
A book packed with monologues, script extracts and activities for children of all ages. The Drama Pot has been written by a drama teacher with over twenty years experience which includes heading up a performing arts faculty in a secondary school, GCSE and A-Level examining and most currently residing as the principal of a successful theatre school....
ISBN: 9781788762595
Type: Paperback