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By Father Spyridon Bailey
Father Spyridon presents a challenge and a warning to all Christians about the growth of the kingdom of Satan. He points first to the signs of this growing kingdom before explaining how we are each attacked and manipulated by evil powers that have corrupted our world. The looming threat of a one world government is presented by this Orthodox priest...
ISBN: 9781786979513
Type: Paperback
By Judi Moore
I’ve been a professional writer since 1997. So one of the first things I looked for when I moved to Weymouth in Dorset was a creative writing workshop. I was lucky enough to find two – Off the Cuff and Weymouth Writing Matters – both of them exercise based. Doing those twenty minute exercises every week, I produced a lot of very short fiction that ...
ISBN: 9781803025742
Type: Paperback
By Father Spyridon Bailey
The Ancient Path is a call for twentieth century man to rediscover authentic Christianity. Fr. Spyridon highlights the gulf that exists between modern thinking and the belief and practices of the Early Church. It is a call to abandon the illusions of modern philosophy to return to the one path that leads to Christ.Rich with quotations from the Chur...
ISBN: 9781784079987
Type: Paperback
By David Dell
It's 1965 at SunnyVista Holiday Park.Dexter Ravenscroft is holidaying in a chalet by the sea at Bournemouth, looking forward to week of sunbathing, beer, pop music and girls. Although maybe not in that order.On the face of it everything seems perfect. The sun is shining. There's a jolly Punch & Judy man, a Dusty Springfield lookalike singer, and a ...
ISBN: 9781803025810
Type: Paperback
By Karen May
Life on the reef has its dangers. Thelma the tiny sea turtle has an adventure she will never forget.
ISBN: 9781908481788
Type: Paperback
By Maggie Smith
Describe your book in up to 1000 words. Inspire book fans to read your book. Your book description will appear on major bookseller sites if you choose for your book to be available to order through booksellers. It is best to ensure all paragraphs end with a full stop as some booksellers do not add paragraph breaks and this avoids lines between diff...
ISBN: 9781803025957
Type: Paperback
By Brian Heath
The extraordinary autobiography of Brian Heath: WW2 Wellington pilot, U-boat hunter, jazz musician, and self-confessed nutcase for anything on wheels. At the age of 98 Brian vividly recounts larger than life characters who influenced his passion for music and fast cars. Joining up to do his bit in WW2 and follow in his brother's footsteps, this is ...
ISBN: 9781803022086
Type: Paperback
By Father Spyridon Bailey
When Second World War pilots described seeing small globes flying outside their bombers, military leaders began what would become decades of research, cover-up and misinformation. Father Spyridon explores the key players in this strange phenomenon, identifying how movies, technology and philosophy have been used to guide public perception of what i...
ISBN: 9781803022284
Type: Paperback
By Peter Lucas Brown
The Northumbrian Garden Parrot-A celebration of a lifetime's interest in birds and birdwatching.North Shields, November 1959. Early one cold morning, the ten-year old Pete Brown delays his walk to school to accompany his police constable father in investigating a strange arrival in a neighbour's garden. There a tame, exotic bird the like of which n...
ISBN: 9781839454585
Type: Paperback
By Robert Brightwell
Following the popularity of the memoirs of Harry Flashman, the Victorian scoundrel who got himself embroiled in many events of his age, this book introduces a new generation of the family: Thomas Flashman, whose career covers the Napoleonic and Georgian era. This first book covers his adventures with Thomas Cochrane, one of the most extraordinary n...
ISBN: 9781781763636
Type: Paperback