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AN INVITATIONI’m told that that there are exactly 5467 Promises in the Bible, but some say there are as many as 8,000! Whoever is right, one thing is certain-the Bible is a Book full of Promises. I was thinking about this when I stumbled on Sir Francis Bacon’s claim that, “Who questions much shall learn much and retain much”, and that made me think...
ISBN: 9781788766142
Type: Paperback
By Robert Brightwell
Following the popularity of the memoirs of Harry Flashman, the Victorian scoundrel who got himself embroiled in many events of his age, this book introduces a new generation of the family: Thomas Flashman, whose career covers the Napoleonic and Georgian era. This first book covers his adventures with Thomas Cochrane, one of the most extraordinary n...
ISBN: 9781781763636
Type: Paperback
By Ian Atkinson
In December 1986, the Swiftsure-class submarine, HMS Saracen sailed from Devonport for a routine patrol within the Arctic Circle.A series of catastrophic incidents combine to leave her crippled on the bottom of the Barents Sea, dangerously close to the Russian coast. The crew struggle for days to repair the boat before their life support systems fa...
ISBN: 9781788766258
Type: Paperback
By Anandavalli Nair
It is the time of the second World War; there is severe food rationing and fuel is scarce. Raghavan is a small-town lawyer with big-time views on the empowerment of women, in particular his daughter, Anandam. He brings his daughter up on his own after his child-bride dies, when his daughter is just two years old. Later, he makes sure that she is ed...
ISBN: 9781788765220
Type: Paperback
By Annie Whitehead
This is the true story of Aethelflaed, the 'Lady of the Mercians', daughter of Alfred the Great. She was the only female leader of an Anglo-Saxon kingdom. It is the tale of one family, two kingdoms and a common enemy.Born into the royal house of Wessex at the height of the Viking wars, she is sent to her aunt in Mercia as a foster-child, only to re...
ISBN: 9781784071653
Type: Paperback
By Andrew Johnston
March 1958 was cold, unusually cold. The arrival of Spring seemed to be forever delayed as Britain remained in winter’s grip. Flying into this frigid climate were Buddy Holly and The Crickets, for whom Saturday the 1st of March marked the beginning of their 25 date UK tour. Having landed at Heathrow Airport, then known merely as London Airport, two...
ISBN: 9781788766036
Type: Paperback
By Original Poets of Clapham
Come join the Original Poets of Clapham for a feast of contemporary poetry created in real time about real life, honed across a table in the Bread & Roses pub every month by working writers sharing their singular voices.
ISBN: 9781788766296
Type: Paperback
A family celebration brings Alison Cameron to the Isle of Bute, determined that this time there will be no complications. But a chance encounter, a surprise announcement and concerns about her marriage make for a difficult and dangerous week on the island.
ISBN: 9781788766319
Type: Paperback
By Robert Brightwell
This is the second instalment in the life story of Thomas Flashman, the uncle of the notorious Victorian rogue Harry Flashman, whose memoirs have already been published, edited by George MacDonald Fraser. Thomas shares many of the family traits, particularly the ability to find himself reluctantly at the sharp end of many major events of his age. T...
ISBN: 9781782990055
Type: Paperback
By Robert Brightwell
This sixth packet of memoirs from the notorious Georgian rogue Thomas Flashman covers the extraordinary events that culminated in a battle just south of Brussels, near a place called Waterloo. The first six months of 1815 were a pivotal time in European history. As a result, countless books have been written by men who were there and by those who s...
ISBN: 9781786973801
Type: Paperback