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This is the Top Ten books for the last month and was generated on Wednesday, 1 March 2017

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By David Dunn-Wilson
AN INVITATION: The Bible is a map of Grace which gives access to a network of roads leading us to God. It has its splendid Motorways – the ‘fast-track’ highways along which we speed to precious truths (Psalms, the Gospels and the great Epistles spring to mind). It also has its ‘A Roads’ – those well-tried major routes leading to precious guidance a...
ISBN: 9781786974969
Type: Paperback
By Gee Vero
Autismus - (m)eine andere Wahrnehmung ist ein Buch für Menschen, die mit autistischen Menschen leben und arbeiten und diejenigen, die die Begegnung suchen und sich der Herausforderung des Mitmensch-Seins mit autistischen Menschen stellen wollen. Das Buch beschreibt in erster Linie den Autismus der Autorin und den Autismus ihres 10jährigen Sohnes, a...
ISBN: 9781784079734
Type: Paperback
By D J Kelly
Buckinghamshire has a 600 year history of subversion, sedition and espionage. The county has been home to radical plotters, heretics and heretic hunters, agents provocateurs and informers. Two world wars brought spies, secret agents and saboteurs to the county and many of our stately homes housed wartime code-breakers, eavesdroppers, boffins, intel...
ISBN: 9781785108471
Type: Paperback
By D J Kelly
The seven beautiful villages of the Chalfonts, Denham, Fulmer, Gerrards Cross and Hedgerley have long attracted people to settle. A surprising number of people who have lived here have been worthy or famous. A few, however, including a gaoled fascist, an atomic spy, a leading Nazi and a multiple murderer, have been downright infamous. DJ Kelly's la...
ISBN: 9781786976550
Type: Paperback
By Kim Maguire
The story of a woman who suffers a stroke following the birth of her baby. Kim battles for her life and then has to fight for her child to be returned to her. The honesty of the author is alive in her descriptions of loss and pain as she rebuilds her life as a stroke survivor, finally emerging from the trauma with extraordinary success.
ISBN: 9781786974204
Type: Paperback
By Robert Brightwell
This sixth packet of memoirs from the notorious Georgian rogue Thomas Flashman covers the extraordinary events that culminated in a battle just south of Brussels, near a place called Waterloo. The first six months of 1815 were a pivotal time in European history. As a result, countless books have been written by men who were there and by those who s...
ISBN: 9781786973801
Type: Paperback
By Gordon Keith Savory
This book is an account of my journey from childhood in the late 1940s and the trauma of being fully orphaned by age four and half. Having experienced rejection in school and being unequipped academically, I lived by adventure and risk taking and found love on the way. However, life's hardships took their toll and for twenty-seven years, I was lost...
ISBN: 9781781763759
Type: Paperback
By Brian Humphreys
This anthology takes you on a unique journey around Somerset where you will encounter the Witch of Wookey, the Beast of Banwell, a Somerset sniper, garden gnomes at war with meerkats, Angus, who struggles with technology and endures an accidental overdose of Viagra, Jack and Lisa at war over a clock, Paula, who introduces her husband to bondage, an...
ISBN: 9781786975249
Type: Paperback
By Leaf Fielding
Released after five years cooped up in prison, following Operation Julie, Britain’s biggest drugs bust, all Leaf Fielding wanted to do was to leave the UK. After a potentially fatal brush with the IRA in Ireland, he spent six months travelling in India, going from the Himalayas to the southernmost tip of the Sub-Continent – all the time trying to l...
ISBN: 9781786975133
Type: Paperback
By Kenneth Bell
Brexit: For a New Country and Why Scotland Should Leave the EU were both published during the campaign to free the UK from the EU, with One Man's Brexit appearing a month after the vote was declared. Now all three pamphlets are available for the first time in a paperback anthology so that proud Brexiteers can look back with pride on their glorious ...
ISBN: 9781786976673
Type: Paperback