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You have the choice of choosing one of our stylish template covers or you can use your own cover images, see below for details of how to upload your own images in minutes. If you wish to use a template cover, first begin publishing a book by clicking the Begin Publishing button and add your book details. Once you have done this, email us at theteam@feedaread.com with your chosen template choice. We will add your cover choice to the cover creation publishing step for you, and once on this step you simply add your book title, author name and back cover book synopsis to the cover to complete your cover.

You can also upload your own images on our simple cover creation step. Click here to learn how and you will be able to see how your images look in minutes. This also gives submission instructions for those authors who decide to use their own cover designers.

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Click on Part 2 of the menu below to see the further choices of stylish template covers.