Why Choose FeedARead

FeedARead is free for all nationalities to publish your paperback book with free feedback every 4 months for our top ten highest selling authors opening chapters from Random House and Orion, whose publishing groups publish some of the world’s bestselling authors - including Dan Brown, Terry Pratchett and Stephen King. The aim of FeedARead is to help talented writers develop further.

FeedARead.com is established with Arts Council funding, who fund prestigious arts organisations such as The Royal Opera House and the Royal Shakespeare Company. Our Arts Council funding enables FeedARead authors to set higher royalties than the norm of the largest publishers in the industry.  It is free to publish your book for sale worldwide as a bookstore quality paperback through FeedARead. We also provide a full book distribution service so that your book is available to order via all major online outlets and via the ordering services of major book shops. See our full book distribution service prices for your nationality below. The site takes you through the easy steps to publish when you click the Begin Publishing button.

Feedback from our authors

"I found FeedARead to be a most meticulous and professional publisher."
Iain Johnstone, former film critic of The Sunday Times and co-writer with John Cleese of the film Fierce Creatures. 

“This is my email to tell you that I approve of my proof copy of "Seesaw". Please go ahead with the distribution. I am delighted by how quickly the proof copy was printed and how rapidly it made it to me doorstep. Also, I am very impressed with the level of customer service.”
Rosen Trevithick, author of Seesaw.

"I have just received my copies of Lizzie.  They are BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much. Please go ahead with distribution. Thank you to all the staff at FeedARead. You have all been so helpful and encouraging."
Kate Grimes, author of Lizzie. 

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Simple Steps to Publishing 

The simple steps to publish are outlined below.

  • It's Easy...
  • It's Professional...
  • It's Flexible...
  • It's Creative...
  • It's Low cost...
  • Its Quick....

It's easy

• Click the Begin Publishing button above to begin publishing your book and provide book details including title, author name and synopsis
• Upload your manuscript file from your computer
• Choose a template cover or upload your own cover image using our simple cover creation system
• Set your book price and royalties
• It then takes only 7 to 14 days for the printers to prepare your book and you can order an author discount copy to check below the price you set for your book
• Your book can then be ordered by you privately, by readers on FeedARead, or by readers through the ordering services of major online outlets such as Amazon and bookshops.  

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It's Professional

• Our printers are one of the world’s largest printers, printing and delivering millions of bookstore quality paperbacks annually
• You see how your book manuscript and cover will appear online before you choose to publish
• You can order a paperback copy below retail price to check and approve before you start selling
• If you choose full bookseller distribution, we provide ISBN registration and ensure your book is available via the major online outlets and for bookshops to order
• Click here to view feedback from our published authors on their experience publishing with FeedARead

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It's Flexible

• Upload your book as a Word document or as a PDF, or paste your book into one of our simple templates when you begin publishing
• Set your own book price and royalty
• You keep all copyright for your work and are not obligated to stay with us should another publishing offer arise that you wish to take up

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It's Creative

• Our Easy FREE online cover designer enables you to choose a cover template or easily upload and use your own images to create a stylish cover
• If you need to make changes to your book you can submit a revised version

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It's Low Cost

• It’s free to set-up your book for sale through FeedARead.com
• You set your own book price and royalty
• Full bookseller distribution service. You can also choose to make your book available via the major online outlets including Amazon, and for major bookshops to order. The fees for this are as follows.

Bookseller Distribution Service

UK Authors: £88
US Authors: $140
Australian Authors: $140
European Authors: E100
All other authors: £88 UK Sterling

Our distribution service places your book into the world's most comprehensive distribution channel, with over 30,000 wholesalers, retailers and booksellers in over 100 countries your book will gain the maximum exposure in the market today. This includes your book being available to order through all of the following: Amazon and Barnes & Noble (US); Amazon, WHSmith and Waterstones (UK); Amazon Europe; and TheNile.com (Australia).

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It's Quick

• Once submitted, your book is available to order through the FeedARead.com site in usually 7 to 14 days
• Once distributed, your book is available via the major online outlets and for major bookshops to order in usually 3 to 6 weeks

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More Author Feedback

“Thank you for your help which has so far been excellent.” Mike Shields, author of By Degrees.

“Just received my copy today, I am highly delighted with the overall appearance of the book. The cover looks fab!” Angela Lambourne, author of A Safe Haven.

“I have just received my books .. You guys have done a really amazing job. I have read many thousands of books over the years but the quality of the print and binding of this book is outstanding.” Roneel Kumar, author of The Heir of the Cursed Kingdom

“I've received and checked my proof copy of Life : A Player's Guide. It looks just the way I wanted it! Thanks very much for your hard work and for answering all my questions.” Jan Stone, author of Life : A Player's Guide