Amazon marketplace offer extended to 31st August

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Thursday August 20, 2015 at 9:48am

If you don’t yet have your book listed on Amazon, or want to relist, we are pleased to give you the opportunity to get your book listed on Amazon for life for a limited time offer of only £29 setup fee - and NO ANNUAL FEE.   This includes a very high royalty for you and low retail price for readers as below.

Your book(s) can be listed on the Amazon site(s) usually within 1 to 3 working days thus increasing your potential readership by millions! 

We are also offering a higher royalty per book sale when a book is sold on Amazon than even Amazon offer!

To take part, simply click here to visit our special offer page or once logged in click on the "List on Amazon Marketplace" link on the left hand menu.  ?Choose which of your published books you want to appear on Amazon (and which Amazon site) and we'll do the rest.  If you have multiple books then we'll even give you a discounted price!

The advantages:

 - For books with page counts between 100 to 350 pages you receive £1.80 per book sale on Amazon, more than Amazon itself and other publishers pay for paperbacks for the retail prices below! On Amazon US you receive $2 per book sale, on Amazon Europe you receive €1.45 to €2.15 per book sale

 - your book available to Amazon’s millions of customers for life!  No annual fee.

 - Excellent prices for readers: for example:  £6.49 to £6.99 for 150 to 199 pages; £7.49 to £7.99 for 200 to 400 pages.  

- If you list books at different page counts from the above you also receive higher royalties than Amazon pay along with lower retail prices for readers.

- If you already have or previously had your book listed on Amazon, we can also list your book for sale via Amazon marketplace at the above marketplace prices and royalties alongside your existing FeedARead listing. This enables your book that you took great efforts to publish to be additionally listed and available for life on Amazon marketplace for the low fee above with great royalties and no annual renewal fee. It also means if Amazon doesn't have stock, for example if they are restocking, that there is always a copy of your book available to order via Amazon marketplace.

- You receive extra price discounts (with the price coming down to £17 per book for 10+ books) if you choose to list more than one book for sale on Amazon.

To find out more, to participate or see the extra discounts available click here to visit our special offer page.

** This is a limited time offer and expires at 23:59 on Monday 31th August 2015 **

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