Competition To Win A Bloomsbury Editor Critique of your opening chapters

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Wednesday August 27, 2014 at 7:08pm
The following free-to-enter competition to win a Bloomsbury Editor critique is open until 30th September 2014. 

How to Enter:  Join the site for free and read a 6 page extract from any THREE of the books below and answer a question about each of your three chosen extracts as detailed below. All nationalities are welcome to enter.Click here to join

To read the extracts, click on the links below and then the button to view the extract, the question for each extract will be at the end of each extract. Then return to the Competition page at the top of the FeedARead homepage and enter your answers to the three questions as outlined below. The winner who answers the questions correctly will be chosen at random from the correct entrants, and will receive a critique for their opening chapters from a Bloomsbury editor. Closing date for entries is 30th September 2014, results announced by end of third week of October 2014. 

Additional Bloomsbury Editor critique prize: In addition to the winner who is chosen as per the paragraph above, one other entrant who enters any of our competitions from September onwards before Christmas 2014 and also publishes their book through feedaread before Christmas 2014 will also be chosen at random to win a Bloomsbury editor critique for their opening chapters.

Click on the following 'View' links for any THREE of the books below, on each book’s page there is a button to view the extract from the book and the question is at the end of each extract. Then enter your answers on this page as outlined below the extracts links further down this page.

Annihilation   View
The strains of the seventeenth century combined to wipe out half the population of Ireland; by war, famine, exile and enslavement. Spain, France, England and the Vatican all want their say and will not agree. Against their will the MacDonogh Cartys, a Cork clan, is reluctantly drawn into the struggle.

The Warrior on the Wall      View 
In 2009, Lin, a retired primary school teacher, was sentenced to six months in HMP Bronzefield, a high security prison.Her crime? Refusing to reveal the whereabouts of a mongrel dog called Hess she had been caring for. Lin was told by the Crown Court Judge who sentenced her that she could walk free at any time; all she had to do was reveal the whereabouts of Hess. Raw, acutely honest, wry and funny. Also available on Amazon books and Amazon Kindle.

Grace Roscoe became the heiress to her racketeer uncle’s vast fortune on condition she married well. The marriage was arranged, but Grace had fallen in love with the coachman. They planned their elopement both willing to give up everything for love, even their lives on the perilous journey to freedom.

The Stasi File View
An American lawyer and his Italian lover from Berlin student days, now a budding opera diva, are drawn into an assassination plot by a Stasi General, desperate to prevent the collapse of the East German police state after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

When school bullies hurt a blackbird, Toby Fletcher rescues it. After placing the fledgling in the tree in his garden, it becomes a magical Fly-Away Tree, transporting Toby into the mysterious world of Avia. Plunged into a fast paced woodland adventure, he faces great danger, with consequences reaching far beyond the world of birds.

When Dragan set out to become a tailor he didn’t know that his life would depend on how good he could be. Inspired by tales of his legendary ancestor, Djordje, Dragan was always seeking adventure until the occupation of German forces. Then the adventure turned into a fight for survival.

The Crusader's Arms  View
Following Osama bin Laden’s death, his son Sa’ad hatches a plan to avenge his father’s murder. Having recognised that terrorism alone failed to topple a Western Power, he successfully plans a peaceful takeover of England by democratic means. The second half of 21st Century England becomes a very scary place.

'The Awakening' View
'The Awakening' is a poignant novel of love, rape, tragedy and destiny based around Marian; a Sri Lankan girl. This moving tale reflects and interprets the drama of her existence, trials and tribulations during the struggles and internal turmoil in Sri Lanka and grim experiences in post war Britain.

Black Flag View
When ex-soldier Owen Gallagher accepts a freelance surveillance assignment he thinks it's just another job. He’s wrong and Gallagher soon finds himself amid a maze of conspiracy, betrayal and intrigue, fighting a new kind of battle, in a war where politics and deceit are the real weapons of mass destruction.

The Crystals View
Curling her fingers in excitement, she felt the crystal in her pocket. The crystal, that mysterious present from her uncle who stood beside her now, pointing out the darkness gathering on the horizon.

Enter all three answers to the questions for your three chosen extracts in the ‘Comment’ box following 'Leave a Comment’ below, along with your name and email address. Enter all of your answers together as follows in the 'Leave a Comment' box below: The name of the books followed by your answer to the questions about the books. For example: Book Title  1 followed by your Answer. Book Title  2 followed by your answer;  Book Title 3 followed by your answer; in the 'Leave a Comment' box below for all of the 3 extracts you choose to read..

You do not need to fill out the ‘website’ field below. Your answer and entry details will be entered into the competition when you click the button to submit them below, and will be kept hidden as answers will not be displayed for the purposes of the competition. There is one prize of one critique from a Bloomsbury Editor. The winner of the competition will be chosen at random from the correct entries and that winner's name will be displayed here by the end of the third week of October 2014. The winner will receive the Bloomsbury editor critique for up to the first 7,000 words of their novel. The result announced will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.


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