Competition To Win A Bloomsbury Editor Critique of your opening chapters

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Wednesday October 1, 2014 at 11:16am
Competition To Win A Bloomsbury Editor Critique of your opening chapters

The winner of the following competition is Joan Spence. Many congratulations to Joan, who wins a Bloomsbury Editor critique. We will inform members when we list our next competition.

The following free-to-enter competition to win a Bloomsbury Editor critique is open until 31st October 2014.   Last month's competition winner was Dave Fisher, many congratulations to Dave.

How to Enter the current competition as follows: Join the site for free and read a 6 page extract from any THREE of the books below and answer a question about each of your three chosen extracts as detailed below. All nationalities are welcome to enter. Click here to join

To read your three chosen extracts, click on the links below and then the button to view the extract, the question for each extract will be at the end of each extract. Then return to the Competition page at the top of the FeedARead homepage and enter your answers to the three questions as outlined below. The winner who answers the questions correctly will be chosen at random from the correct entrants, and will receive a critique for their opening chapters from a Bloomsbury editor. Closing date for entries is 31st October 2014, results announced by end of third week of November 2014.

Additional Bloomsbury Editor critique prize: In addition to the winner who is chosen as per the paragraph above, one other entrant who enters any of our competitions from September onwards before Christmas 2014 and also publishes their book through feedaread before Christmas 2014 will also be chosen at random to win a Bloomsbury editor critique for their opening chapters.

Click on the following 'View' links for any THREE of the books below, on each book’s page there is a button to view the extract from the book and the question is at the end of each extract. Then enter your answers on this page as outlined below the extracts links further down this page.

Little Mouse View
After Kristallnacht in 1938 Doktor Theodore Goldstein, his wife Lisl, and their small son Theo, flee from Berlin, across the North Sea to Edinburgh. There, for more than ten years, they build a new life – a good life. But then a friend from the old days arrives, and they find themselves once again facing ruin and terror.
 “I have just finished reading your novella and must say that I was totally taken away by it. When I had to leave it, it stayed in my mind and I kept thinking about it so that shows what an effect it had on me.” Sam Pope “A gripping tale which asks us all how far we would go to protect ur families.” Su Lynch

Heaton   View
In this prequel to the published novel Westerdale the early life of Heaton Grimshaw is revealed, illustrating how his parentage and upbringing shape the character of the man he becomes. Despite his equine gift his brooding temper and dark moods leads him to be abused and rejected by his adopted family.

The Man Who Was Not Himself View
Marooned in a world of magic that is yet tantalisingly familiar, John Adamson struggles to understand his destiny and why, to him alone, everyone speaks perfect English. However, the truth of his situation, caught in a struggle between science and magic, is more extraordinary than he could ever imagine.

Evesdropping   View
It is said that human nature drives us to covet what we cannot have. Short people dream of being taller, the poor hanker after wealth. It is hardly surprising then that this basic human instinct has fuelled in Eve, who was born without a voice, an insatiable craving for the spoken word.

Distance   View
Take a passionate couple, a rock-solid family and an idyllic life on the West Wales coast. Throw in an outrageous dream, a life-changing situation and a difficult grandmother. Mix a teaspoon of luck with a bucketload of love, add a dollop of emotion, a river of conflict - and stir!

Here Be Dragons View
While writing stories inspired by the characters around her in Mallorca, Anna meets and falls in love with Nils, an enigmatic, cave-dwelling Danish man, but each are unaware they are watched and manipulated by a mythical Norse dragon seeking justice as Anna’s characters lead her through a fairy story and Nils’ well-kept secrets begin to surface from a dark past buried deep in his psyche.
     "This is quite a remarkable book. There’s a satisfying mystery to solve, an engaging heroine to follow and marvellous lyrical prose. You held me spellbound and I enjoyed every minute of it." Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

A Kettle of Fish  View
Ailsa has only just left school and already has a job, a boyfriend and a future. But somehow this isn’t enough. There are questions about her Dad that no one will answer. She bails out. But in the back streets of Edinburgh, the truth will come to find her.

Pain View
How does a father deal with accidentally killing his own child? How does a mother deal with the torment of never having loved that child? Tina and Alex’s marriage is falling apart. Tina gave up a successful career to have the child that her husband craved for. She is unable to feel love for Charlotte, only resentment and bitterness. Alex and Charlotte form a loving bond that Tina feels left out of. Alex’s whole world turns upside down when following a vicious argument with his wife he leaves the house. Unaware that his daughter is there he reverses the car and kills her. Alex’s grief consumes him and following a breakdown he becomes the patient of Nicky Drummond, a Holistic Psychologist. Nicky is also psychic and begins to see Charlotte's distressed spirit. Against all her professional instincts, Nicky is drawn into the family’s tragedy, and she becomes a bridge between Charlotte and her parents, helping the little girl find peace and begin her journey to a different life.

Enter all three answers to the questions for your three chosen extracts in the ‘Comment’ box following 'Leave a Comment’ below, along with your name and email address. Enter all of your answers together as follows in the 'Leave a Comment' box below: The name of the books followed by your answer to the questions about the books. For example: Book Title 1 followed by your Answer. Book Title 2 followed by your answer; Book Title 3 followed by your answer; in the 'Leave a Comment' box below for all of the 3 extracts you choose to read..

You do not need to fill out the ‘website’ field below. Your answer and entry details will be entered into the competition when you click the button to submit them below, and will be kept hidden as answers will not be displayed for the purposes of the competition. There is one prize of one critique from a Bloomsbury Editor. The winner of the competition will be chosen at random from the correct entries and that winner's name will be displayed here by the end of the third week of November 2014. The winner will receive the Bloomsbury editor critique for up to the first 7,000 words of their novel. The result announced will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.


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