FeedaRead is now secure across the whole website

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Thursday February 4, 2016 at 1:51pm

A lot of the internet's big companies such as Google have been pushing to make the web more secure - and site owners have in the last few months been encouraged to use "strong HTTPS" by default on their entire website - i.e. make the entire website secure and communication encrypted between the server and people browsing the website. This will stop people hijacking your data and give visitors confidence when using websites.

What does this mean? Well up to know, normally just payment pages or login pages used to be secure, but Google wants to make the entire internet secure by getting every website to be entirely secure - even it it is just an information page.

As of 1st February 2016, the entire www.feedaread.com website is now secure - from the point you reach the home page to browsing pages, logging in, setting up your book to publish, buying your author discounted copies online, seeing your royalties etc..

This new feature, albeit small, is just one of numerous changes we are rolling out during this year - which we'll keep you informed about..

The FeedaRead Team

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