Flashman Posts

Tuesday February 7, 2023 at 1:25pm
Flashman's WinterBy Robert BrightwellThis book fills in two gaps in Flashman’s career, hitherto uncovered by his memoirs. The bulk of this volume is taken up with Flashman’s adventures in what was then Prussia, but which now comprises Poland, Russia and the Baltic states. In 1806 Prussia declared war on France and in a disastrous campaign lost most of its territory. Russia was forced to come to its aid and Britain too sent observers to assess how to help. Flashman joins this mis....
Wednesday February 1, 2023 at 1:18pm
From Ukrainian history to Putin’s kleptocracy and Gogol’s stories, author and former Russia correspondent Oliver Bullough chooses the best titlesWith Russian forces pushing deep into Ukraine, bombarding Kharkiv, Kyiv and other cities, and an unprecedented wave of western sanctions pushing the rouble down to an all-time low, it is hard for any of us to tear our eyes away from the news. But the currents of history that led up to this crisis are deep and complex, and understood in profo....
Tuesday August 9, 2022 at 4:48pm
New, from Robert BrightwellFlashman and the Zulus by Robert Brightwell | 9781839454516 (feedaread.com)While many people have heard of the battle at Rorke’s Drift, (featured in the film Zulu) and the one at Isandlwana that preceded it, few outside of South Africa know of an earlier and equally bloody conflict. Under a tyrannical king, the Zulu nation defended its territory with ruthless efficiency against white settlers.