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Tuesday February 12, 2013 at 12:48pm
Mulligan's Reach                         Click here to view book
By Jennie Orbell
When Alex McBride inherited Mulligan’s Reach, an island twenty-five miles off the East coast of Australia, she considered her world contained and ordered. There was no-one to hurt her or break her heart again. And if her friend and business partner, Jodie Lower, hadn’t made a huge mistake regarding the suitability of their stud horse, things may have remained that way. In an attempt to rectify her mistake, Jodie asks for help from her old friend Kane Mitchell who owns a proven stud horse. When Kane arrives on the island, Alex’s world spins out of control. Kane Mitchell is undeniably attractive and Alex senses instinctively that he spells trouble. When inexplicable things begin to happen, initial suspicion falls on Kane but Alex’s disturbed past means that she could be the one responsible. Who’s to blame? Kane or Alex… or is it someone else? Alex soon discovers that paradise is not all it seems. Mulligan’s Reach has a dark past that slowly begins to unravel. Everything and everyone on the island is in danger … but from whom or what? Alex had never run from anything. Would she now?
ISBN: 9781782991700
Total Pages: 266
Published: 6 February 2013
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