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Q. View author feedback about the paperback print quality of FeedARead books
Q. How do I make my book available to order direct from the FeedARead site?
Q. How do I order author discount copies of my book?
Q. How long do book orders usually take to arrive?
Q. My book order hasn’t arrived – how do I resolve this issue?
Q. How do I order bulk orders of books over 50 copies and can I obtain additional discounts?
Q. What countries does FeedARead enable direct site order to, and how can I order if my country isn’t included?
Q. I am experiencing a problem ordering from the FeedARead site – how do I resolve it?
Q. Why do I see my author discount price when I look up my book on FeedARead?
Q. How do I choose and activate the Bookseller Distribution Service and where will my book be available to buy through the service?
Q. What is the fee for the Bookseller Distribution Service and can I opt in later?
Q. How do booksellers order my books?
Q. How long does it take for booksellers to display my book on their websites?
Q. Do bookseller websites / bookstores hold stock of books?
Q. A bookstore want a higher bookseller discount percentage in order to stock my book, what can I do?
Q. A reader reports difficulty ordering from a bookseller, how to resolve?
Q. Amazon or another bookseller hasn’t displayed my book cover, what should I do?
Q. I have another issue with a book order not covered above, what do I do?