FAQs: How To Get Started and General Publishing Questions

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Q. View author feedback about the paperback print quality of FeedARead books
Q. How do I start publishing my book and is it easy to publish a book?
Q. Will I see proofs of my book before publication?
Q. Can I use a pen name when publishing, or publish under a pen name and my real name?
Q. Can my book manuscript include illustrations and what are the submission requirements for these?
Q. Where will my book be available to buy, is it free to publish and sell my book?
Q. Can readers order copies direct from FeedARead?
Q. Can I order author discount copies?
Q. I have a Book Cover, Book Manuscript, Book Order or Book Revision question
Q. Can I use my own cover for my book and are there cover templates to choose from?
Q. What types of book do you publish?
Q. Achieving a marketable book price
Q. Can I publish my book elsewhere at the same time as publishing with you?
Q. Do I retain copyright and control over my work?
Q. How do I set my book price, and can I change it after I have published?
Q. Can books achieve high sales?
Q. Can I choose to make my book just available to order by me?